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The Sea of Trang

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The Sea of Trang

The Sea of Trang

Despite the fact that it enjoys somewhat lesser popularity amongst international tourists compared to provinces such as Phuket, Phangnga, or Krabi; Trang can say that it boasts its own appeal, with a friendly atmosphere not likely found anywhere else.

Good Morning Trang!

Although flights now operate between Trang and Bangkok many visitors still prefer a train that will arrive early in the morning, which is the best time to witness the idyllic way of life of the lo¬cals, who begin their day early, a habit derived from the many decades of rubber plantation life. This requires early work starting from 4am to 5am, when workers will tap the rubber and by 6am, they will gather at a coffee house for some stimulation from a cup of brewed coffee with grilled pork and dim sum as well as verbal exchange. It’s notable that the locals seem to be interested in politics and take pride in the fact that a former prime minister of Thailand actually hails from the province.

The Sea of Trang

Trang’s geographical feature is dominated by rolling hills, which is particularly obvious during a road trip when you see the scenery of rubber trees plantation in which the rubbers are planted along the low and high land. From the top of a hill prior to Sikao district, you can see Meng mountain that stands majestically in the distance. It is regarded as a landmark of Trang thanks to its proximity to Pak Meng dock, which is the boarding centre for those who come to experi¬ence the sea of Trang. The favourite programme of the tourists is a boat trip that allows you to enjoy the scenery of all the small isles of the sea, each boasting its own feature for those wishing to explore and discover. A good example is Ko Muk, on which Morakot cave is hidden amid the circling mountains.

To experience the beauty of this cave, you need to take the boat to the entrance of the cave then put on a life vest, jump into the water and float one by one into the tiny, pitch-black cave hole before rediscovering the light again on a small beach that embraces the emerald green water. This is a lagoon originated from the sinking of a limestone mountain a long time ago. The only entrance to this lagoon is through that hollow of the cave.

The one-day boat trip will also offer a diving programme at the neigh-bouring Ko Cheuk and Ko Ma. The sea of both islands boasts a diversity of corals, clown fish, and sea anemone. Ko Mai and Ko Kradan (where underwater wedding ceremony took place), however, offer a white beach

for a relaxing stroll as well as accommodations of reason able price. As for those who wish to observe the way of life of Muslim fishermen and experience an ecological trip such as seeing dugongs swimming may have to go as far as Ko Libong. Fans of birds-watching, however, will have a chance to observe mangrove forest birds at Laem Tase. Those who wish to forego of the sea trip have the option of staying at Pak Meng beach with its many resorts where you can lie down to enjoy the sea view and the sunset. One interesting activity for the following morning is a road trip along the beach road, which stretches further away to Chang Lang beach and Yao beach whereas some places such as Yong Ling beach require an extra effort since the journey there involves a short trekking al¬ternating with getting up small hills to arrive at a cave, which leads to a small and secluded beach. At the end of this beach road, there’s a recommended activity for everyone, which is canoeing along Klong Jarakhe Khao to observe the nature of mangroves forests.

Additional trips, The Sea Of Trang

Drive to Hat Samran district and stop at Thung Khai Botanical Garden or drive to Huay Yod district to visit Le Khao Kob cave to see the splendid stalagmites and stalactites. The most thrilling part comes when you enter the cave lying flat on the boat which will gradually glide into the cave.

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