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Suphan Buri Samchuk Market

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Suphan Buri Samchuk Market

Known to already be a century old, Samchuk Market in Suphan Buri was formerly a popular centre of trade and commerce, located on the banks of the Thachin River. The 100 year old structure was suffering the effects of time and dwindling numbers, but a rehabilitation program has revitalized it and restored it to a bustling centre for tourists and Bangkok traffic. Samchuk Market won a UNESCO heritage award in 2009. Appreciate this hundred-year-old market, known as a living museum. Indulge you stomach and your mind by exploring this ancient market in Samchuk district. The atmosphere of the old Thai ways of life still awaits your visit. Nowadays, Samchuk market is not only a tourist attraction with stories to tell, but also the link between Suphanburi from the past to the present.

The traditional coffee café in the wooden townhouse in the corner remains people’s favourite meeting point just as before. Samchuk market has welcomed an innumerable number of visitors, as it is ranked the province’s top cultural tourist attraction. The market is able to retell the history that binds the past of Suphanburi to people of the current generation.

If you have a chance to walk along the narrow lanes of wooden houses and old buildings, imagine how these residential area and shopping arcade were like during their heyday. The ancient Chinese community has been a prominent trading area in Suphanburi since the reign of King Rama V, and no matter how long the time goes by, everything stays the same as it used to be. The great charm of Samchuk market includes not only the nostalgic atmosphere for instance coffee shops, barbers, photo studios, or vintage zinc toys from childhood but also the attachment and love towards this community. The local people work hand-in-hand to preserve the traditional way of life. Importantly, the fact that they have modified Samchuk market to a living museum and allow the young to explore their ancestors’ way of life is regarded as a praiseworthy achievement.


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Browse the shops, buy local wares and visit the community museum for insight into this historic place. Try one of the many food stalls, especially the egg noodles and do not forget to take home some of the local Thai sweets that the market is also famous for.

Best time in Suphan buri samchuk market.

All year round

Getting there

Take highway 4 northwards out of Bangkok and join the 340, to follow the sign to Sam Chuk distriot.


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