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Sakaekrang River Cruise

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Sakaekrang River Cruise

Sakaekrang River Cruise

A cruise along the River Sakaekrang is to travel through Thailand’s past when the traditional way of life was connected to the river. View the local people living on house boats and rafts.

When in Uthai Thani, you are recommended to go cruising along the Sakae-krang River to absorb the riverside lifestyle. My friend and I arrived at Uthai Thani at the time when the sunshine was not strong and there was a cool breeze, making it suitable for a cruising. Thanks were due to the puffy white clouds in the blue sky.

The boat took us and other tourists upstream to get near clusters of floating houses. The passengers including us were busy taking photographs of the floating houses mostly built with wood and bamboo, on some of which the owners waved their hands and smiled to greet us and we didn’t fail to wave and smile back. the people of Uthai Thani use the Sakae Krang River to grow pandanus and to raise fish in floating baskets, which is the primary occupation of the Uthai Thani people.

The Sakae Krang is part of the Chao Phraya Watershed. The total land area drained by the Sakae Krang River is 5,191 square kilometers

Accommodation & Activities

• Resort and homestay

• River cruise River trip on river barge choice of accommodation, nature lodges, relaxing old time river cruise with scenes of Thailand in the olden day.

Getting there : Sakaekrang River Cruise

Cruises are available at Wat Ubosatharam Bridge in the centre of Utaithani City. enjoy Sakaekrang River Cruise trip.


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