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Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

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Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

The first record of Mueang Lom is found in Ram Khamhaeng the Great’s stone pillar. In the present Rattanakosin era, the area was populated by a large community of Lao people from Vientiane. The population grew due to further immigration from Luang Phrabang and Vientiane, the and governor led some people to establish a new town near the Pa Sak river, now in the Lom Sak district.

Phu Tub Berg, located in Lom Kao district at the highest point of Phetchabun, is surrounded by a natural shelter made of mountains. With a cool climate all year long thanks to a stream of cool breezes from the Himalayan Mountains, it is a place with an awe-inspiring scenery. In the morning, the sight of a sea of clouds and fog will take your breath away. Along with beautiful  scenery, local agriculture such as cabbage fieldscan be appreciated in the village. The sight of Phaya Sua Krong flowersblooming between December and January is also a fantastic spectacle.

Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

About Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun stands 1,768 meters (5,800 ft.) above sea level. On this mountain live the Hmong people. In the older days, they would cultivate poppy to produce opium. Since its restriction, the Hmong have turned to planting a different type of vegetation. Can you guess what it is?

Its cabbages, entire fields of cabbages are cultivated on the mountain side. Due to the altitude, the temperatures around the mountain remain cold all year; conditions suitable for planting cabbages. It is said that Phu Tubberg probably has the largest cabbage field in Thailand. Look around you, you’ll see some everywhere. Do a bit of research before going so that you can see the cabbages in bloom or just when they are about to be harvested. If you’d like to get down to earth a little, ask the crop owner if you can help out or pick a few cabbages for yourself.

Veggies aside, Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun also has amazing views. During the winter season, the mountains are enveloped by a sea of fog from which you can see from high up on Phu Tubberg. If that isn’t spectacular enough, wait a little longer and watch the sun rise over the mountains to begin your day. If you get a cloudless night, look up at the sky and star-gaze.

To not miss out on such beautiful sceneries, why don’t you spend a night or two on the mountain? Don’t worry about air-conditioning, the cool weather and fresh air here is good for the lungs. There are tents and sleeping equipment available for rent. Clean restrooms and shower rooms are located on site; however hot water isn’t available yet. A handful of restaurants can also be found in the area.

Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun Accommodation

  • Guest house, resort and camping

Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun Activities

  • Observe the Phaya Sua Krong Thai Sakura in blossom.

Best time in Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

The climate is cool all year long due to a stream  of cool breezes coming from the Himalayas. Traveling between December and January, visitors can witness the blooming of Phaya Sua Krong Thai Sakura.

Getting there : Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun

From Phetchabun take highway number 2372 for 13 kilometers. Then make a left turn to highway number 2331. Follow the road for around 18 kilometers. At the three-way intersection make a  right turn and follow the sign Phu Tub Berg. It will get you to the viewpoint of Phu Tub Berg.

High up on the top of a mountain, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries that Petchabun offers. Spend a day and night with the Hmong and check out the largest cabbage field in Thailand. And you will happy in Phu Tub Berg Lom Kao Phetchabun.


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