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Chiangmai Dokmai Botanic Flower Garden

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Chiangmai Dokmai Botanic Flower Garden

Chiangmai Dokmai Botanic Flower Garden

Dokmai is a private botanical garden in Chiang Mai. Dokmai means flower and there are over 1,000 species as well as birds, fish and butterflies and mushrooms.

Dokmai Garden is a private Chiang Mai botanical garden, providing a gateway to the understanding of the nature and culture of northern Thailand. Our botanist Dr Eric Danell and the Thai family Seehamongkol live in this private 4 hectare (10 acres) botanical garden. After the introduction you get from us we believe you will be better prepared to understand other Thai gardens, local food markets and the nearby national parks where thorough information and English and scientific names may be scarce. Multilingual information signs with scientific names are placed at points of interest around the garden.

“Dokmai” means flower, and we have over 1000 plant species, but we focus on all living beings, including birds, fish, butterflies and mushrooms. You are very welcome to enjoy our Thai botanical garden!

Accommodation & Activities

* Resort and homestay

*Observe the flora and fauna

Getting There

Dokmai Garden is located near the Namprae Village, 17, 5 km. From The Chiang Mai Airport. Drive along the canal road (not the Hang Dong road) and there are signs along the road will help you.

How to get here

Taxi, tuk-tuk and driving instructions to Dokmai Botanical Garden

General advice

At times a Thai driver may do his best to persuade you to go somewhere else where the driver gets commission for bringing tourists. Insist on your destination or change vehicles if the driver makes a problem. Remember that we are closed on Mondays and around the Thai and western New Years (we are open during the Chinese New Year).

Also, remember there are about 250 attractions in Chiang Mai, but 99% of the tourists go to any of the seven largest attractions and so most drivers, tourist informations and hotel staff only know these seven (Doi Suthep temple, the Zoo, The Night Safari, The Royal Flora Show, the Elephant camps, Flight of the Gibbon and Tiger Kingdom). Many Asian tourists love mega projects made for tourists, and to go in crowds, while many westerners like to find something special and small scale. If you intend to escape mass tourism, do not ask the Thais for advice but browse the internet and save the phone numbers which you give to your driver.

Most Thais do not speak any English, some hilltribers do not even speak central Thai, and many villagers around town have never been to Chiang Mai city nor travelled anywhere beyond a 4 km radius. Asking the locals for directions or suggestions is a gamble! We have numerous stories from visitors; staff at the zoo are not even aware there is a night safari, a man who rented a car could not find the airport (he had to phone taxi and follow it) and we are blessed with many visitors trying to find the Opkhan national park, but they end up with us instead. Prepare your trip from home and cling to your maps and phone numbers!

If you rent a motorbike or car you can easily find us: Dokmai Garden is located near the Namprae village, 17 km (driving distance) south of the Chiang Mai airport.

Latitude and longitude for GPS owners: Latitude 18.6773° and Longitude 98.87846° (= N 18° 40′ 38.28″ E 98° 52′ 42.456″) (= N 18° 40.638′ E 98° 52.7076′).The GPS may direct you to poor gravel roads, and sometimes guests show up at our back door which is the road for delivery. When you are 2 km from the destination, look for our blue and white ‘Dokmai Garden’ signs rather than trusting the GPS.

1a. From Doi Suthep Road you turn south along the canal road (road 121) which runs along Chiang Mai University with the Doi Suthep mountain to your west (right). Drive past the Night Safari exit down to the ‘Ton Kwain’ intersection (at this intersection there is a blue and white sign with this name). You are now 9 km from the Dokmai Garden entrance. Put your odometer at zero. This is important! Cross the intersection keeping the southern direction (forward).

1b.Alternatively: If you come along the Hang Dong road (road 108) you go south past the airport exit until you come to the intersection with ring road 121. This intersection has a blue and white sign with the name ‘Samoeng’. Here you turn right (west) and you follow ring road 121. Turn left (south) at the first traffic light at an intersection with a blue and white sign ‘Ton Kwain’. You are now 9 km from the Dokmai Garden entrance. Put your odometer at zero. This is important!

2. Drive South following the canal. After 3.4 km you pass the white and yellow bridge to a gated community called ‘Master Piece’ on your right-hand side.

3. After 4.0 km you pass ‘Hang Dong Golf’ to your left-hand side.

4. After 5.6 km you pass a small gasoline station to your left-hand side. You are now 400 m from the exit. Look to your right.

5. After 6.0 km you see a bridge to your right (West) with a blue and white sign ‘Dokmai Garden 3 km’. Cross this bridge! Below is a picture of this bridge as seen when driving south. If you somehow miss this bridge, ask the locals for ‘sa-pan ban namprae, krap?’ (the bridge of Namprae village, please?).

6. After 7.4 km from the ‘Ton Kwain’ intersection (or 1.4 km after the bridge) you see a small blue and white sign to your left with the text ‘Dokmai Garden left’. On the opposite side of the sign is ‘Chiang Mai pottery’.

7. After 7.5 km from the ‘Ton Kwain’ intersection (100 m after the sign) you come to an intersection where you make a sharp turn to the left. If you pass a temple then you missed this exit. Turn back and follow our sign to the right.

8. You immediately pass a red and white mast to your left. Keep driving until you are 8.3 km from the ‘Ton Kwain’ intersection (800 m from the mast), where you see an intersection with a wall with a sandstone elephant and our blue and white sign showing you should keep driving straight.

9. Drive another 300 m (8.6 km since the ‘Ton Kwain’ intersection) and turn left where you see a huge forest mango and a blue and white Dokmai Garden sign.

10. Drive another 100 m and turn right at ‘Soi Dokmai’. Follow our concrete road for 350 m until you see the parking at the end of the road.

We have another more straight road signposted about 1.4 km further down the canal road at the bridge towards the monastery, but due to the terrible condition of that road we no longer recommend it.


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