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Chiang Khan

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Travel to Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan,Is simple, slow-paced way of life what urban dwellers long for? I guess that is true enough. And I set out on a journey in search at some peace myself Peace like it is known in Chiang khan…

I chose my car as my companion for this trip.  Exactly what I needed as I had to travel a distance of over 600 kilometers from Bangkok.

Chiang khan was not overly crowded as it was a weekday. Most old wooden houses date back to a hundred years ago and now converted into guesthouses. I parked inside of the temple and walked to my accommodation for the first night. With the calm breeze of the Mekong River and the mild scent of the earth, the owner of the place told me to rest for the night and that food will be prepared for my almsgiving in the morning.

Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan

At half past six the following morning, a small container of sticky rice and a pack of desserts were placed in a try together with drinking water. I could see guests of other houses coming out to give alms with smiling faces also My photographer joined me after snapping a few shots and with the rite done we headed to the first attraction of the trip.

Kong Kudkoo is about three kilometers from the town, One can simply walk across the Mekong River when the fide is low as a stretch of rock lies across the breadth. This is a perfect spot to capture the sunriseand the sunset, Most of the stalls sell local food items including passion fruit my favorite, We had sticky rice, grilled chicken and the juiciest passion fruit with a pinch of salt before retiring to our accommodation.

The next morning we drove about ten kilometers up the hill when it was still dark and quiet. The tripod was set up in anticipation of the sunrise. Soon enough the first light broke and we could see the density of fog, caressing the hills. And so it was yet another satisfying trip. Although there were not too many attractions around, the few on offer were charming in their own way. That and the simple, unsophisticated way of life of Chiongkhan.

Unfortunately, things are starting to change albeit very slowly. The city’s urbanness is creeping in. The chirps of the birds are being overpowered by music and laughter. Personally I think it is better to blend in than to stand out Preserve fine things the way they are rather than to have them only in memory!

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