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Chiang Mai A Night Delight

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Chiang Mai A Night Delight

Chiang Mai A Night Delight

Chiang Mai North of Thailand

Chiang  Mai is the  city  which  feels  more  like a village and combines world-class facilities such  as  international hospitals and  schools  with  a truly local feel. Many parts  of Thailand do not  come  alive until after sunset.  Whether for dining,  dancing,  drinking  or even browsing the night markets, the country has something to suit absolutely every taste.Chiang Mai A Night Delight.

Thai food is legendary but you have to actually visit Thailand itself to truly sample it and eating is something which the  Thai people like to do slowly and  in some  style. There are also plenty of international restaurants  as  well as  street  stalls serving tasty morsels. Anyone who likes to listen to live music or dance the  night  away  will discover that  Thailand’s appeal  lasts  long after it’s sun has set.

Chiang Mai Sightseeing Activities

Chiang Mai Night Safari

Opened in 2006, visitors are treated to a rare insight into an  animal kingdom that comes  alive after dark. Encompassing

324 acres, it has been divided into three zones  that  include the  Savanna Safari, Predator Prowl and 1,200-meter Jaguar Trail all explored from the safety of a comfortable rail system that  twists and turns  below a thick canopy formed by jungle timber.

Getting there

Located close to the  airport, a 20 minute drive (12 km.) from Chiang Mai town.


33  Moo 12, Nhong  Kwai Sub-district,  Hang  Dong District, Chiang  Mai 50230

66 (0) 5399 9000

Shopping Paradise in Chiang Mai

Tha Pae Walking Street

There are two cultural walking streets in Chiang Mai. One of them  is ‘Tha Pae Walking Street’, which runs the  entire length  of the  Ratchadamnoen  Road starting from Tha Pae Gate, cutting right  through  the  heart  of the  old city. It turns  into a pedestrian  street  every Sunday from late  afternoon until midnight and is also known as ‘Sunday Walking Street’.

Tha Pae Walking Street  is a  great  spot to shop, eat and watch the world pass by. Here  you can  find  all kinds  of Thai handicrafts,  decorative  products  in Lanna style, and  various clothes,  traditional and  contemporary. Tha Pae Walking Street  also has a great amount of eateries  all along both sides as  you  walk  by. Look out  for street performances by local artists and there are  plenty  of pubs  and  bars  in case you get  tired  of the  walking.

Getting there

Start walking from Tha Pae Gate heading towards  the  heart  of the  old city.

Wualai Walking Street

Chiang Mai’s other  walking street is ‘Wualai Walking Street’,  which commences at the southern moat opposite the  old city. The open-air market  stretches  all over the  length  of Wualai Road, and  is more often known to locals as  the  Wualai Market or simply Saturday Market, because  it is held every Saturday evening. Wualai Walking Street  is  relatively small, compared  to the  Sunday Market held in Tha Pae. It is also less busy with much more space  for visitors to chill out. Wualai Street used  to be  the  old silver-making district  of Chiang Mai and you’ll still see  a  few traditional  silver workshops within this area. Like on the Sunday Walking Street, there  are plenty of tasty eateries, but on Wualai there are small food shops, set  up as  a food market  within  the  section  of Soi 3.

Getting there

Start walking from the  southern  moat opposite the  city area.  Continue  all through  till the  very end  of Wualai Street.

Shopping Paradise Kad Luang

In northern  Thai  language  ‘Kad’ means ‘Market’. The  word  ‘Luang’ represents ‘big or huge’.  The  meaning   of ‘Kad Luang’ is, therefore,  ‘Big Market’. The  other name of Kad Luang  is  ‘Warorot Market’. Kad Luang  is one  of the  oldest  remaining markets  in Chiang  Mai. Since the  old days, it has  always  been  very well-known for Thai  traditional  food, products, such as ‘Nam  Prik Noom’,  a delicious chili paste, which  goes  very well with  most  kinds  of Thai food, even  with  plain rice. The  taste of this paste  is sweet  rather  than  spicy, and  is comparable  with  marmalade  in Western culture.

There are also other kinds of food and products  in  Kad Luang  Chiang  Mai. You can  find  almost  everything  in Kad Luang. There  are  great  choices  of food, clothes, fabrics or metal wares and much more. This is another good place to look for wonderful souvenirs.

Getting there

Just  tell your Tuk Tuk or Song Thaeo  (red truck) driver you want  to go to Kad Luang.

Nimmanhaemin Road

Nimmanhaemin  Road  in  Chiang  Mai, lying west  from the  city walls heading towards the Suthep Mountain, has recently become a blooming shopping area with a great number of designer shops.Most of the  purchasable products here are decorative or ornamental. There are  several shops  which  sell fabrics or candles.  Nimmanhaemin Road is also another  good  place  where  you can  look for inspiring works from local artists. There is also an art shop, a gallery and a theatre called ‘Gong Dee’ at the end of Soi 1, which is certainly worth a visit. Most recently, arcades such as the ‘Moda Place’, the  ‘Nimmanhaemin Promenade’ as  well as  the  ‘Tall Teak Plaza’ have  been  added  to  Soi 1 of Nimmanhaemin  Road due to the popularity of the place. All three arcades are standing  right next to each  other.

Getting there

Nimmanhaemin Road lies west  from the  city walls heading  towards  the  Suthep Mountain. It is better  to use  a Tuk Tuk or Song Thaeo.

Kad Suan Kaew

Kad Suan Kaew is one of the biggest modern  shopping  complexes  in Chiang Mai. It is  located  on  Huay  Kaew Road. Here you can  find almost  everything.Events and  exhibitions are frequently held here and  people of all ages  come for shopping  and  relaxation. Kad Suan Kaew also has a nice food court with a great variety of delicacies at  reasonable prices. Along with the  shopping complex, Kad Suan Kaew also comprises the  famous  ‘Lotus Pang  Suan  Kaew‘ Hotel.

Getting there

Kad Suan  Kaew lies on  Huay  Kaew Road, and  is very-well known  to all the  people  in Chiang Mai. Any Tuk Tuk or Song Thaeo driver can  take  you to this place.


21 Huay Kaew Road, Suthep  Sub-district, Mueang  District, Chiang  Mai 50200 ,66 (0) 5322 4444

CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport

If  you are looking for an  international standard  shopping  complex selling international  brands  then  look no further.CentralPlaza Chiangmai  Airport is vast and  is full of shops  selling Western goods  at  reasonable  prices. It is also home  to an  enomorous  range  of restaurants  and  a Cineplex Cinema.

Getting there

CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport really is right next  door to the  airport, 10-minute  drive from Chiang Mai old town.


2 Hai Ya Sub-district,  Mueang  District, Chiang  Mai 50100

66 (0) 5399 9199


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