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Samerng Strawberry Fun Drive

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Samerng Strawberry Fun Drive

Given the proximity and the ease of access, Rai Nop-Poopah has visitors throughout  the day. Most of them stay for only a few hours to pick the strawberry, take photographs or have some taken and enjoy a meal.  For those who choose to stay the night, small cottages are available but when it gets really crowded then some will just have to resort to the tents, which may be just perfect for those who prefer being close to the nature. But I like our accommodation well enough though with large mattresses, pillows, blankets and a private bathroom with water heater. Later in the evening, the strawberry farm was bathed in golden light and enveloped by idle cool breezes as we strolled through.  We settled in one of the huts and a young staff brought us a cold strawberry juice. Its sweet and sour taste was certain to rid us of our tiredness. My photographer approved of it with a smile.  Soon dinner was served and we managed to clear everything in so little time. The owner and operator shared with us by the bonfire that her farm began to pick up traffic when people posted photographs on the internet. “We are not really growing these strawberries and oranges for sale.  They are solely for the enjoyment of the visitors.” Said Gai.  I like how she turned simple agriculture into popular tourism and how she refrained from building luxurious accommodation that take away from the charm of “the farms”.

Weather continued to be fine the next morning. We changed into rubber boots before entering the actual plantation areas. Armed with a small basket and a pair of scissors, I slowly picked half a basket’s worth of the red fruits. More visitors started to flock into the farm as the morning progressed.  I watched how the new arrivals brimmed with enthusiasm and thought how nice it is to have such an attraction for city people like us.  After all, the chance for peace like this does not come to us every day in the city. Does it?

Rai Nop-Poopah can be reached at : 203 Moo 10 Samerng Tai, A.Samerng, Chiang Mai Tel. 081-6039800, 053-378415

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