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Phanom Rung Historical Park – History in today’s world.

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Phanom Rung Historical Park – History in today’s world.

The Phanom Rung Historical Park is a temple that was constructed in a Hindu Khmer style back in the day. It is located within Buriram in the Isan part of Thailand. Because of the location, not as many foreigners and Thai people may visit the temple as if compared to the historical temples in Ayutthaya, as Buriram is a ways from bangkok the main city of Thailand. The full name of the temple is Prasat Hin Phanom Rung and was built approximately in the 10th century. The location of the temple is very iconic as it is built right on the rim of a volcano, although not active anymore was once a very scary location for a temple to be built upon. The style that the temple was built was because of the heavy influence that the nation of Khmer had on Thailand at the time, this included more heavily in the Isan province, especially Srisaket where both political and social such as the religion was heavily influence towards the Khmer ways.


The temple was restored and open to the public thanks to the Department of Fine Arts that restored the temple with the goal of bringing it back to its original form, preserving the culture with as much effort as possible. The renovation was finished in 1988, after 17 years of hard work. When you enter into the area of the temple, you will see a stairway that is 3 levels high, at the front of the stairways as you go higher is the main structure of the temple. When you go towards the right of the stairway is the White Elephant house. There through the structures is the Pavillion and the walkway, which is one of the most elegant structures in the temple. The walkway is over 160 meters long, alongsides the walkway are sandstones with lotuses on the top of the sandstones. At the end of the walkway is a bridge that is shaped in the form of Naga, this is a snake that is believed to be a fantasy creature holding magical and powerful powers within them. The bridge is a representation of a medium between the kingdoms of heaven and earth. There will be two more Naga bridges within the temple each looking similar but different in the sizes. Between the first bridge at the end of the walkway and the second bridge straight ahead, is a lotus carving that holds exactly eight petals. The terrace then connects out into a gallery that is separated into an outer and an inner gallery. When coming to the end of the gallery you will meet the third and last Naga bridge, similar size to the second bridge but smaller than the first bridge. As you come out from the main building, when looking into the north direction, you will see the sanctuaries that are side by side each other with a space in between. One of the sanctuaries hold a sacred image that is crafted from a sandstone altar. The other sanctuary is has rounded corners, making it the walls meet each other seamlessly creating an infinite feeling when within the sanctuary, although it is technically square shaped. Towards the south and the east are two more structures. These are called Bannalai and are rectangular in shape with each holding one entrance to enter and to exit. These Bannala’s were likely to be built last after the main building and the sanctuaries, which were used as a holy library, mostly consisted at the time for religion studyings and holy work.


The Phanom Rung Historical Park is truly a historical masterpiece that is still left standing in today’s world. With the opportunity, the temple will be a fascinating experience to visit, not only is it fascinating, but getting to see the cultural influences that existed back then will give you the knowledge of understanding today’s world in a whole better understanding. When visiting historical locations in Thailand, especially temples like these, remember to dress appropriately and use respectful actions, these locations hold strong history and is in existence to the work of many lives and blood through the wars in the past, therefore being respectful is a good way to acknowledge the memories of the past. The Phanom Rung Historical Park can be visited from 7.30 to 18.30 everyday.


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