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Sergeant Major Thawee Folk Museum – Phitsanulok

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Sergeant Major Thawee Folk Museum – Phitsanulok

This museum specializes in showcasing the history of the Phitsanulok province. The museum holds five main buildings that are constructed in original Thai styled architecture. Although the museum is a traditional Thai museum, all areas of the museum including the art pieces have english descriptions attached for foreign visitors. The has a wide display of historical tools, such as everyday equipment, household tools, hunting tools, construction tools, to pictures of the past. The museum is founded by Sergeant Thawee Buranaket, who is a highly respected individual in Song Kwai within Phitsanulok. He founded the museum with the intention for the musuem to become a learning center for the people and to keep memories and knowledge of the past in one place where everyone can visit.

Sergeant Major Thawee Folk Museum


When you enter into the museum, the first thing that you will notice in front of the main building is the pavillion where people come to relax with the art that is exhibited within the pavillion, that is mostly homemade and rich in intangible value. Along the walls of the pavillion are lined with trees that run up the walls, creating a magical and calming nature for those who visit the pavillion. The first building that you will enter is the house of the original owner of the land. The house in made from wood and is the first building to be part of the museum. After Uncle Sergeant bought the land, in 1990 Uncle Sergeant build further buildings for the museum. Mainly, within this museum there is stored the information and art pieces that relates to the history of Phitsanulok. Within is also the display of the origin of the famous Thai dog breed “BangKaew”. This breed is very famous for its color and medium length coat, with the most famous aggression to strangers but kindness to the owners and children in the family. The Bangkaew is also famous for its strong ability to fight.

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As you move from the first building into the second building, you will see that the second building is constructed in a more modern style with the main architecture being contemporary. The building is 2 stories high and both stories is open to public and is a part of the museum. The building is a big exhibition that specializes in folk equipments and tools that were used in the past. The items that are held here are gathered from every province in Thailand and is one of the biggest historical tools collections available for the public to see today. The zones within the building is categorized into the usage that they are used for, such as the kitchen, for construction, and more. The building when visited, will give you a higher knowledge and understanding into the history of the development in the tools that have been used and that are still in use today. The museum also exhibits an imitation of constructions that were popular in the past located in all areas of Thailand. For example, you will be able to see the Palai, which is a Thai style porch, often used in many activities including family food times and for drinking Thai liquor. There is also within the Palai area a baby cradle made from wood and Thai cloth, when mass produced cribs were not available, this was the way Thai people used their knowledge and common sense to create a natural and efficient cradle.

Furthermore, on the second level there is a showcase of even more everyday items, such as traditional toys, and western toys that were brought an made popular in Thailand. Musical instruments such as traditional instruments that were used in classical Thai music, it is important to mention that these Thai musical instruments are tied with strong beliefs and are highly respected by everyone especially those who play it always make sure to pray towards the instruments before playing or performing on the instruments. For those who are interested in war information will be pleased to see that there is also a display on the second floor of weapons that were used in the past, some of the weapons are fascinating to see as they express the skills that it took to handcraft the weapon.

Overall, the Sergeant Major Thawee Folk Museum in Phitsanulok is truly a knowledgeable and valuable museum to be seen and experienced, not only will you gain new knowledge of the past, but you also will get to see and experience a glimpse of what life was like back when everything was crafted by hand. The museum can be visited everyday, except on mondays from 8.30 to 16.30 with an admission fee of 50 THB for adults and 20 THB for children.


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