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The Good Times at Koh Rok

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The Good Times at Koh Rok

Koh Rok Krabi Sea , The area Sea in waters connected to Trang. Look like two small islands situated pair was able to appreciate the trip from Pak Meng Beach. Trang, or traveling from. Koh Lanta Yai. Krabi sea time. Able to travel to day trips in the form of a group tour or a camping 2 days 1 nights 2 nights and 3 days time.

Because of its distance from the mainland, in the border with Thailand to mark Koh Rok busy  ‘s natural environment, which is on land or in water as high as in the pristine dive sites, since a large Acropora corals range brings about in the turquoise blue water of the sea or the woods, close to the beach camp, arriving at your campsite to own expression, when the boat tour departs in the afternoon.

One night in this remote island is a rare opportunity to fully experienceNature, if the lonely sea, the sunset and the army of hermit crabs that crawl freely on the beach.

Koh Rok

Koh Rok

The good times at Koh Rok

It  ‘s recommended that before visiting to Koh Rok, you look around, if it ‘ s once each mussel was wrong from its natural and bring it back to the beach, because late at night, secretly find a hermit crab new shell ,A beautiful new house for them imprinted in the middle of the spectators who will visit this beautiful scene just rememberfor life.

Located in the Mu Koh Rok Koh Lanta National Park, Krabi province. The boats leave Pier to Koh Rok Ko Lanta Yai Lanta and from Pak Meng Pier in Trang. It’s advisable that, prior to your visit to Koh Rok, you look around to see if there’s any seashell you once wrongly took away from its natural home and bring it back to the beach because late in the night, the hermit crabs will sneak out to find a new shell.. .a new beautiful house for them amidst the impressed eyes of the visiting onlookers who will just remember this lovely scene for life.

Koh Rok situated in Mu Koh Lanta National Park, Krabi Province. The boats to Koh Rok leave Saladan pier on Koh Lanta Yai and from Pak Meng pier in Trang.

How to get there

1.Speed boat charter. This is quite expensive for a small group.

2.Many agents on Ko Lanta offer Day trip packages. Opal Travel (Tel. 089-975 4938, 089-469 9262, 075 684 483) offers speed boat service for 20 passengers including buffet on the island and 3 points snorkeling.

Staying over night can be arranged with the tour agent but the tourists

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