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Koh Talu Thailand island koh talu in love

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Koh Talu in love

Koh Talu Thailand island

Travel on Koh Talu

The Could danced quickly over the afternoon sky of Prachuap Kirikhan. While the Andaman area was entering the monsoon season and summer was approaching its end, Koh Talu was just welcoming the clear blue sky. Koh Talu is located in the Thai Gulf where nature is still nich and unspoiled both on land and in the sea. The island is not so far from Bangkok and visitors can easily make a weekend trip to this convenient  getaway. Koh Talu Private resorts are nestled within the shady green areas where mangrove forests are abundant.on Koh Talu A two or three day stay on The island  is ideal for those who want to feel the sun, the sand and the sea during the daytime. The nighttime atmosphere is completely  different.Thai traditional houses lining the beachfront have become the face of the resorts on Koh Talu. The resort’s open-air design, suit- able for a tropical climate, creates a roomy feel where one can take in all the nature that surrounds them.

Koh Talu

Themust-do activity on Koh Talu is diving. The resort arranges diving trips to the surrounding islands both in the morning and afternoon. Koh Talu The most beautiful place for snorkeling is in front of Ao Noy. One may spend the late afternoon exploring by kayak and getting to know the sea better or snorkeling and enjoying the colorful corals hidden under the water.

Koh talu

If you love corals and sea animals, there is also an activity visitors may join that is  arranged for coral reef propagation. In Koh Talu This Activity helps tourists feel more connected with the By bringing back samples of broken corals and attaching them to the PVC tubes. The scuba divers then plant The tubes in deep water where the corals can gradually recover and grow. A number tag will be attached to each tube so visitors  Can track the growth of their reef when they come back to Koh Talu the island the next time. This activity , therefore, not only benefits the environment but also can be enjoyed by those who participate for years to come.enjoy on Koh Talu Thailand.


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