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Koh Rang

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It’s not difficult to make a journey to Trad in order to explore the beauty of the beaches, as there are many islands for you to admire, such as Koh Chang, Koh Kood and Koh Mak. But if you ask where the undersea beauty can be seen, the answer is here – at Mu Koh Rang.They are the Islands which are not only famous for their beautiful corals and flocks of fish, but also nice beaches.


Rang is a small Island about 6 kilometers on the west of Koh Mak. The Islands, which is in the area of Koh Chang National Park, cover some parts of the shore and more than 40 islands of Trad. It covers the total area of about 650 square kilometers, of which 458 squarekilometers, or 70%, are in the sea. Mu Koh Rang consist of 12 Islands, which are, Koh Rang Yai, Koh Rang Lek, Koh Kra, Koh Thian, Koh Thong Lang, Koh Yak, Koh Sam Pee Nong, Koh Mapring, Koh Tun and Koh Kampan. Let’s see which one of them is interesting.



Koh Rang Yai : It is the largest island of Mu Koh Rang. Koh Rang Yai is full of green mountains, but lacks of beaches. In spite of this fact, the most splendid beach is located one this island, Had Klong Chao. Impressing you are by the glistering sea. Besides, Koh Rang Lek is located at the end of the beach. Mu Koh Rang Ranger Unit is situated here.


Koh Kra : Though Koh Kra is the small island, it is very charming. Many tourists of various ages from Koh Kood and Koh Mak love to visit beautiful corals and schools of fish. It also has little white beach which clearly seen when the tide ebbs.

Koh Yak: Its location is near Koh Kra. Koh Yak is small and surrounded by rocks. There is no beach but you will be sad if you miss skin diving to greet colorful fish school and corals.

Koh Thian : This island stands side by side Koh Kra and Koh Thong Lang, look like three daughters. The outstanding feature on Koh Thian is the brown-rock ridges that is very like lava, and the popular diving site as same as Koh Kra and Koh Yak.


Koh Rang Yai and Koh Rang Lek is of the biggest size among the islands while the Koh Rang Lek is the second biggest. They are in slender shapes, lining virtically in the direction of north and south. The geography of the Islands is high mountain with no plain, except at the shore. The Islands feature a virgin forest. Wildlife of the Islands are but reptiles and birds.


Outstanding Features: On Koh Rang, at Had Ao Cho, is where Koh Rang Ranger Unit is located. The bay has a beautiful beach with so clear water that you can see the swimming fish. The beach is slightly slope and you can swim safely. One more beach that you should not miss is San Chao Beach. It is located at the end of the Island on the eastern side. San Chao Beach has the longest and most beautiful beach in Koh Rang. The sand is white and clean. The water is very clear. Around the shore of San Chao Beach is a concession for swallow’s nests. There will be about 4-5 resthouses for workers and fishermen. Toilets are available.

Koh Rang Lek, which is at the south of Koh Rang, can be seen clearly from San Chao Beach. The Koh Rang Lek has no beach or diving spot, therefore nobody pays attention to this Island. Thing that is special at the Koh Rang Lek are the beautiful oval-shapes stone, which has a smooth surface. On the Island, there is a small reservoir with a water tube which will pass water to Koh Rang Yai.

Facilities : At Kdh Rang Ranger Unit, one can pitch camp there rrith toilets Watersupplyisavaifable. Foods are tube pmpaxed. 4 fee of 100 Baht per camp will be diarged


Among the other islands of the Koh Rang, these three islands is of the utmost highlight for diving. Koh Thian, Koh Kra. and Koh Thong Lang located at the northeast of the Koh Rang. The three islands line up near each other. Koh Kra is more special than the others as it has a beach of about 20 meters long. which one can go up and take a walk. However, it is not suitable for swimming as it is full of coral.

The most special thing of Koh Thian. Koh Kra, and Koh Thong Lang is that they are considerd the most beauti­ful spot in Trad sea for a skin diving. Diving here, will make you dazzled with the undersea nature. featuring beautiful corals. You will be dazzled with flocks of beautiful fish of various kinds, such as the Parrot Fish. Cartoon Fish, etc.

From February onwards. when the tide is low, you can walk between the Islands with only a shallow water.


The another Island that you should not miss as there is an interesting undersea nature, too.

Koh Yak located nearby San Chao Beach and can be seen clearly from the front of the beach. It takes only 5 minutes to walk from San Chao Beach to Koh Yak.

Koh Yak is smaller than Koh Kra and is just an Island piled up with huge rocks at the middle of the sea. There is no beach there. The outstanding characteristic of Koh Yak is its coral. Also it has many tame flocks of fish which will swim to greet you at a very close distance.

Koh Yak is popular among diver, no less than Koh Kra.You can notice that every package tour includes a diving program at Koh Yak.

Mu Koh Rang is consist of many other is/ands. However they are notpopu/arasthere is no attraction, but a shelter from wind by fishermen. Some is/ands are suitable only for fishing.




1.  Rent a boat from Laem Ngob Pier to take you to Koh Rang Yai, and appoint the picking up date. You may also ask the boat driver to wait at the Island in order to take you to other islands.

Rental fee is about 4.000-5.000 Baht per boat.

2. Rent a speed boat from Koh Chang to take you to Koh Rang and other Islands along the route which you can do a diving.

Rental fee to Koh Rang is 7500 BahI/ Day/ Person, exclude of food

3. By a package tour from the resort at Koh Kood. and Koh Mak which are : Kood Island Resort. Kood Cabana, Peter Pan Resort, Captain Hook Resort. Klong Jao Resort, Kood Sal Khao Resort, and Koh Mak Resort. Each resort provides trips to Mu Koh Rang.

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