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Koh Mak is the third largest island in Trad Sea to Koh Chang and Koh Kood. There are nine satellite is­lands. They are Koh Rayang Nai. Koh Rayang Nok, Koh Phi. Koh Kham, Koh Kradad. Koh Nok and Koh Nai. Approximately. Koh Mak’s area is 9.000 Rai, or 13 square kilometers. The distance around the island is 27 kilometers. Mostly, it’s geography is plain and partly the southwestern area has hundreds powdery seashores.



Koh Mak is far from the coast about 35 kilometers.

A coconut tree and rubber tree are very fertile here, so most islanders work in the sector of agriculture.


Location : Situated in the east of KohMak

Outstanding Features : The public boat departs from Laem Ngob at 3 p.m. and arrives Ao Nid Pier at 6 p.m. For returning, it will leave at 8 a.m. and arrive at 11 a.m. A road network at Koh Mak is complete, so exploring all the island is not difficult. For other facilities. there are groceries and one public telephone.

Koh Mak Samakkhitham Temple, the only monastery at Koh Mak near Ao Nid Pier, is the fine viewpoint for admiring the beauty of the sunset. To visit Koh Kood, you could hire a long-tailed boat from Ao Nid Pier. It will take your time around an hour and cost 1.500 Baht per one boat


Location : Situated in the west of Koh Mak

Outstanding Features: Had Ao Suan Yai is highly complementary concerning its beauty and length. (The most splendid and longest beach on Koh Mak.This beach is the location of Koh Mak Resort and Fantasia Resort and the viewpoint that offers the gorgeous view of sunset, especially between February and August. Furthermore, you can see Koh Rat. Koh Phi and Koh Kham from here. Koh Kham is far from Had Ao Suan Yai one kilometers you can reach it by a long-tailed boat within 10 minute.


The northern area at the end of Had Ao Suan Yai is the place that kept the bone of Luang Prompakdi. the ancestor of “Tawaetikun” family at Koh Mak. When the tide ebbs (a lot), the sand bar that connecting Koh Kham and Koh Mak will appear. Therefore, you can walk to Koh Kham easily. There are lines of coconut tree and beefwood along Had Ao Suan Yai. It also has a post office, public telephones and restaurats.


Location : Situated in the northeast of Koh Mak

Outstanding Features : Had Ao Khao is the second most beautiful beach to Ao Suan Yai and the location of Ao Khao Resort. From here you can see Koh Kood, Koh Rayang Nai, Koh Rayang

Nok (which is far from Ao Khao one kilometer.) and the spectacular scenery at dusk.There is the reef that became the residence of sea livings. Exploring the island is very convenient as the road network is complete.


Location : Situated in the southeas of Koh Mak

Outstanding Features : Had Ao Holi­day Beach is one of beautiful beaches at Koh Mak and slightly slopes into the sea. Similar to Had Ao Khao, you can see Koh Kood, Koh Rayang Nok and Koh Rayang Nai clearly as same as the sunset. Going on board only 10 min­utes. you will touch the nature of those islands.

Holiday Beach Resort, a new member resort over here, is all the time ready to welcome you. For hungry tourists, do not miss fulfilling your bully at the diner lounge of the resort. Since the road here is con­nected to the other all over the island, visiting attractions is convenient. One who interests to take a day off at Holiday Beach Resort can ask for more information and reserve a room at 0-1902-3179 and 0-1921-5901.


Location : Situated in the southeast of Koh Mak Holiday Beach Resort.

Outstanding Features : Since it’s location is next to Had Holiday Beach, you can visit it by walking. Had Ao Lazy Day Beach is magnificent and slightly slopes into the sea and covered by shady lines of coconut trees. Also. in order to seeing the obvious view of Koh Kood in the remote distance and Koh Rayang Nok and Koh Rayang Nai near at hand, a guide is needed to lead you to that viewpoint.


Location : It is located at the South West of Koh Mak

Outstanding Features : Khao Panthi’s view point at Koh Mak is the highest view point.This place was just discovered and will be renovated the way soon so that the travelers will have more convenient to go to the viewpoint. You can clearly see the viewpoint of Mu Koh Mak for example; Koh Rang Lek, Koh Rang Yai, Koh Kra, Koh Thong Lang and Koh Thian.


Location : Situated in the east of Koh Mak nearAo Nid Pier

Outstanding Features : Laem Kradun is very appealing as it is stretched into the sea like Laem Promthep in Phuket. However, the former is smaller that the latter and situated in the opposite                    direction : Laem Kradun is in the east whereas Laem

Promthep is in the west.

The viewpoint here offers the scenic scenery of sun­set. Ao Nid Pier, Ao Phai and Koh Kood. As the geography is rock, buildings and facilities never seen here, but there is laterite road all over the island.


Location : Situated in the east of Koh Mak near Ao Nid Pier.

Outstanding Features : The beach here is unique as it has alternate lines of red sand and coconut tree. There­fore, Ao Phai is not suit for swimming but right for strolling and watching beau­tiful sunset. There are a few houses of islander whose career is fisherman andgardener. It also has a fine viewpoint offering the obvious view of Koh Kood and the complete road network around the island. Besides, you can go to Ao Ton by a shortcut of Ao Phai.


Location : Situated in the northeast of Koh Mak by Ao Ton

Outstanding Features: Swimming here is im­possible since Laem Son owns the stone beach. However, it is very rich of several kinds of fish that live under the reef. In addition, no resi­dence here except coconut and rubber tree garden.


Location : Situated in the north of Koh Mak

Outstanding Features Most beaches here is a stone beach, so it is not suit for swimming. However. Ao Ton is quiet

and shaded by the garden of coconut tree and rubber tree. Similar to some bay. you can see Koh Kradad. Koh Mai Si and Koh Chang. There is neither man nor residence.



You should arrive Laem Ngob before 3 p.m. and then go on board. Loma and Neptune ferryboat will take you to Koh Mak within 3 hours everyday but some days (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) in monsoon. between June-September. It can be late if the weather is capricious.


The boat timetable :

Depart from Laem Ngob Pier at 3 p.m. Arrive Ao Nid Pier at 6 p.m.

Depart from Ao Nid Pier at 8 a.m. Arrive Laem Ngob Pier at 11 a.m.

The route will pass Laem Ngob, Koh Mai Si, Koh Kradad and Koh Mak.

The fare is 210 Baht per person

After arriving Koh Mak. you will have to choose a minibus from many resorts to your cozy room. Certainly, feeling hesitated you are in this condition; therefore, you should find and collect the information about the accommodation. Do not miss reserving a room, particularly in the high season before taking a day off.

The rate of each resort is not different much. It ranges from 100 Baht (the cheapest cost) to 500­700 Baht. If you cannot choose the resort, you should rest at any place at first night and find the right one next day.

For a tourist who wants to go to Koh Chang, you can go on board from Ao Suan Yai to that larg­est island.

Do not forget to check out the weather fore­cast every time before travel.

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