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Koh Klang Ecotourism Village

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Koh Klang Ecotourism Village

Koh Klang is a small, calming island perfectly suited to those who seek utter relaxation or to really get back to nature. Its name is literally translated as ‘Middle Island,’ is home to one of Krabi’s sizable communities. The local people seek ways to best harmonize with the island’s abundant resources and natural charm. They joined forces to designate Koh Klang as an ecotourism destination. Discover their lifestyles through hands-on activities such as replanting mangrove trees, kayaking, or bird watching.

Koh Klang is a quiet place in the Krabi province, with very few tourists. Local people are interested to develop eco-tourism on the island with the help of the local government. They provide local activities such as Batik, visiting fish farms, taking a trip in the mangroves with a long tail boat, catching prawns and exploring caves. The island is rich with wildlife, and tourist can bird watch in one of the two bird huts located off the beach. These birds’ huts also provide amazing views of the islands that surround Koh Klang, such as Chicken Island and Koh Jum.

Tourists can spend the night in one of the many home-stays on the island, all of whom aim to integrate their guests with the local community.

Koh Klang Krabi Province

Koh Klang Krabi Province

Environment on Koh Klang

The preserved environment of Koh Klang is extremely varied, from extensive mangrove forests to rice fields. Surrounding the island the visitor can also find mysterious caves, picture-perfect beaches and Krabi’s famous limestone mountains.

The mangrove forest represents 80 percent  of the island and are situated on the North and East coast of the island. The flora is very rich on this area, with plenty of mangrove trees such as Rhizophora mucronata, the Mangrove Date Palm Phoenix paludosa and plants such as Lumnitzera. The fauna is also diversified with animals, including the long-tailed macaque, the Oriental Small-clawed otter and several snake species. Many species of birds, can also be spotted along the coastline such as the endangered Chinese egret, egretta eulophotes. The differents birds such as the Grey Heron, the Masked Finefoot, the Spotted Greenshank, the Roseate Tern, the Sea Eagle, the Kingfisher and the Stork are also host by the coastline. Crabs and shell-dwelling molluscs also share the beaches, and can been seen moving about the sand at low tide. On the water the number of fish sadly decreases year after year because of the pollution and the over-exploitation of this natural resource. Despite this, there are still many fish species such as the Milkfish, the Barramundi and the Indo-Pacific Tarpon.

The island itself is flat and has many canals. It is an ideal place for rice fields, which play a very important role for the village and its economy. Coconut trees are of abundance and animal farming with both fish and ducks are numerous as well. Water buffalos and goats are also seen grazing all year round.

Koh Klang Climate

The tropical climate of Thailand has only two seasons: the dry season from November to May and the rainy season from June to October. The average temperate is 28 degrees Celsius, though temperatures can rise up to 34-37 degrees during the hot season.

Koh Klang Accommodation

• Homestay and only resort on the island: Islanda Village Resort

Koh Klang Activities

• Visit the sea gypsy village, learn about batik painting, or take a kayak trip through the mangroves, take a longtail boat to four i slands, visit Fish Box Farms.

Best time

November to April

Getting there

Take a longtail boat from the Krabi town pier to Ko Klang. Cars are not used on the island, the locals use only motorbike, bicycle or tuk-tuk.

Islanda is located on “Koh Klang” (Klang island) which is the island opposite to Krabi town. You will need to go across the river and ride on a tuk tuk on the island to get to the resort. Approximately 1 hr. from Krabi airport and 30 minutes from Krabi town. From Krabi airport, take a taxi / bus (15-20 minutes) to Thara Park in Krabi town. If you are already in Krabi town, get to

1. “Chaofa pier” (by the river), take a long tail boat across the river (10 minutes) 100 THB / person to Koh Klang.

2. “Thara pier” (near Thara Park in town), take a long tail boat across the river (5 minutes) 20 THB / person to Koh Klang.

Once you cruise across Krabi river and reach to Koh Klang, the resort is 7 km. away from the pier, take a tuk tuk (15-20 minutes) 300 THB / trip / tuk tuk, sightseeing and experiencing our village.


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