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Koh Khai Satun Thailand

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Koh Khai Satun Thailand

Koh Khai Island is beautiful unique other island.A large natural arch rock. A large hole in the middle size stood sort walk together as many people. ohhh don’t forget This island Koh Khai Satun Thailand.

Koh Khai is a small island with white sand beach.Koh Khai Satun Thailand It is 25 kilometers away from Koh Tarutao.  Koh Khai has a symbol which looks like a natural stone gate bends as a curve from the ground to the sea. Koh Khai Satun Thailand is  The name of this island comes from the color of the sand which is compare with the egg’s peel. Koh Khai is really peaceful and the beach is still clean because it is not build up the resorts nor even stay overnight on the island.

How To Go Koh Khai Satun Thailand

Location Koh Khai Satun Thailand: Between Koh Tarutao and Mu Koh Adang-Rawi, about 15 km from Koh Tarutao

Koh Khai Satun Thailand

How to go Koh Khai Satun Thailand : Take the boats from Pakbara Pier-Koh Tarutao-Koh Lipe which will pass Koh Khai along the way or go with the touring boats providing the opportunity for tourists to admire the island is beauty very closely.

Koh Khai Satun Thailand

Koh Khai Attractions: Koh Khai Satun Thailand rested between Koh Tarutao and Koh Lipe with the outstanding attraction of the huge stone gate with a large hole in the middle located near the beach. The appearance is like the sculpture of beautiful portal sitting amidst the clean sandy beach of cream color of eggs and colorful sea.

Koh Khai Satun Thailand like Sea turtles usually lay eggs on the island beach and a lot of fish is found in the sea around the area. Tourists are not allowed to stay overnight at Koh Khai. No fresh water is available. It cool here, Please come here Koh Khai Satun Thailand island.


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