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How to visit Koh Kood

Presently, trevelling to Koh Kood by a package tour is more popular than by your ownselves. Each resort has arranged a various kinds of travel programs, consequently you has many choices to fulfill your need. Koh Kood island is rather flat compared to Koh Chang with the highest mountain on the island, Khao Phaenth, measuring 315 metres. For tourists who already buy a package tour can take a minibus at the appointed point, e.g. at the front of Churdchai Tour Bus Station or the front of Trat Hospital to

Kanlapangha Pier: The pier of Koh Kood resort in Klong Yai District (the route to Ban Had Lek, the border between Thailand and Cambodia which is far from the downtown about 80 kms.

Koh Kood Cabana Pier: It is site is far from Trat City Hall around 5 kilometers near and near Chao Pho Dan Kao Shrine.

Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood Sai Kao Pier: This pier is far from the downtown of Trat around- 5 kilometers near Koh Kood Cabana Pier and Chao Pho Dan kao Shrine.

Ao Cho Pier: It belongs to Peterpan and Captain Hook Resort. The route that leads to Lam Sok is far from Trat downtown 20 kilometers.

Klong Hin Hut or Lung Reang Pier: It Is located near the port of Koh Kood Cabana and Chao Pho Dan Kao Shrine and for from Trat downtown 5 kilometers,


To make your trip much more safe and fun, you should carefully prepare yourself like this.

Accommodation: Many resorts on Koh Kood are welcome you all the time and they also arrange similar package tours for your convenience. However, there are some differences in each package.They are the kind of a brat and the diving site. Therefore, you can select the program as you prefer and ask for information from every resort.

One that is allergic :to seafood or Muslim should check out the menu and inform this resort before you go.

Vehicle: It is no need to worry about your own car as every resort has the, security service all the time,

For one who travels by bus has to take an air conditioned public bus at Eastern Elias Terminal, locally called Eakamai at 10.30 p.m. or 11.00 p.m. It will reach Muang District, Trat Province, within 5-6 hours (at 4 a.m. and 4.30 a.m. respectively) Then continue with minibus to the pier.

Personal Stuffs : You should prepare comfortable clothes, slippers, sun glasses, hat/cap, inhalant, balm, antidiarrheal, etc. Private snorkel is preferable as same as snack since, there is no minimart on Koh, Kood.

Budget : it you lay a half of deposit, you should pay the rest before going on board. Additionally, holding cash is better than a credit card as no bank pins the business here.

Koh Kood The best time for a visit to Koh Kood is between beginning of November and the end of February. At this time it is relatively cool, dry and mostly sunny. But until the end of May, when it is hotter than the cool season, a visit is still convenient. Even during monsoon season, Koh Kood is worth visiting for it doesnt rain every day and all day long. Activities on Koh Kood – Besides lazing on the beach, snorkeling at the beautiful coral reefs or just watching stars at night; visitors can also visit nearby islands for snorkeling and other activities.


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