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Visit Ban Rong Hai Phayao

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Visit Ban Rong Hai Phayao

Visit Ban Rong Hai Phayao

Ban Rong Hai is a large ancient settlement situated on the banks of Kwan Phayao Lake. Based on the evidence discovered; sandstone Buddha images and inscription fragments, the site is believed to be around 500 years old. Ban Rong Hai Phayao, It is a place to learn about the historic relationship the local community has with Kwan Phayao and also the interesting past of the people of this region.

Ban Rong Hai

Ban Rong Hai

Ban Rong Hai Accommodation

  • Hotel and guest house

Ban Rong Hai Activities

  • Visit Watanatham Nithat Museum

Next to Wat Si Koam Kam is Ho Watanatham Nithat. The indigenous museum deals with the history and ancient relics of Phayao, including native culture and traditions and creativity. Open Wednesday-Sunday from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon.

Culture Hall, Amphoe Muang, has come to exist because of an initiative of the Vice Councilor of the Sangha Council, Region 6; the abbot of Wat Si Khom Kham. The monk would like to keep his collections of ancient objects that he accumulated for 40 years and had it made into a national museum in Phayao Province When heproposed the idea to the Fine Arts Department, it was adopted to be Thai Culture Exhibition Hall. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn resided over the opening ceremony of this exhibition hall in B.E. 2536 (1996 A.D.)

This Culture Exhibition Hall is a museum displaying ancient objects important historical records, stories and talson the background of literary works, local intellectual traditions and way of life of the people of Phayao by using innovative technology.

  • Bladesmith Place

There are 2 famous bladesmith places in Phayao; Baan Rong Hai near to Kwan Phayao, Amphoe Muang and Baan Dong Chane in Amphoe Phu ham Yao. Bladesmith is as the culture of villagers, it has inherited from generation to generation more than 100 years. Bladesmith takes hard working and need long experience. Production rate of each bladesmith for one day is only 3-4 knives. There are 4 bladesmiths in one group, so it will has only 15-16 knives per day. Although both in Baan Rong Hai and Baan Dong Chane are working on knife, hoe, spade, sickle, etc. and also made to order for knife any fixing and modify. The customers for the knife shops are from Phayao, Nan and Lao which almost come for lump sum in the big amount and transport through Baan Huak frontier, Amphoe Phu Sang.

Baan Rong Hai bladesmith group

Open daily 9.00 am – 5.00 pm,

Call no. 054-440-286, 08-9854-0305

Product: Cleaver, Chopping knife, Sword, Hoe and Spade.

Baan Dong Chane bladesmith group

Open daily 8.30 am -5.00 pm,

Call 054-422-911

Product: Knife, Sickle and Axe.

Best time to Ban Rong Hai

All year round

Getting there : Ban Rong Hai

7 km from Phayao city and 2 km from Phayao Municipality. There is also the Phayao – Mae Na Rua – Mae Jai bus line from Phayao fresh market. enjoy Ban Rong Hai Phayao.

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