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Ao Klong Son, Hat Premwadi

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Ao Klong Son, Hat Premwadi

Ao Klong Son is situated beyond Sapparod Pier on the head of the island that you can take a minibus to reach there. Coconut trees are standing along the road as local people still live in the traditional way. Had Klong Son is very wide and as long as 400 meters. It is not crowded, certainly nomadic people love here.

Ao Klong Son Beach sandy aspect of privacy. The crowds Is safe for swimming. It will gradually Beach Depth gradient Another focal point of the Klong Son Bay. Is the traditional lifestyle of the villagers still make coconut is . Travel can be reached at Klong Son . The ferry ride down the bay pineapple. Then take a minibus to Klong Son Bay , about 11 kilometers and takes about 1 hour drive away Klong Son Bay.

Premwadi Resort has its own beach. For one side the beach is powdery and slightly slopes into the sea, so swimming is safe. On the other side, it is the site of Premwadi Pier that suits for fishing.

Racha Resort intends to build its accommodation along the slope of the mountain hill in order to harmonize it with the nature. The room rate here is reasonable.

Hat Premwadi

Beach is a small beach located close to Klong Son bay. The narrow shady dunes shaded by coconut trees. Malabar police station and sea is a natural dividing line. One side is a sandy lane that gently slopes down to Klong Son Bay.


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