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Tee Lor Soo Waterfall The Best of Thailand waterfall

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Tee Lor Soo Waterfall The Best of Thailand waterfall

Tee Lor Soo Waterfall The Best of Thailand waterfall

Tee Lor Soo, For summer we go to the beach. When it is rainy season we take a ride to waterfall, to get cool by fresh water. Tee Lor Soo, located in Tak . it is believed to be no. 6 most beautiful waterfall in Asia. Even though the road to this magnificent natural resource is not an easy one, a lot of tourists are going there to experience 1,292 curves in Urn Pang District. Because of the rough, long tiring journey, people say if you are not really a nature lover, you would not come here.

Tee Lor Soo Waterfall

Tee Lor Soo Waterfall, with 500 meter wide and 300 meter tall, 900 meter high from Sea level, is located in Urn Pang Wildlife Sanctuary Center. Karens who are locals here name it Nam Tok Dam. The water comes from a stream Hauy Klor Tier and goes downs to Mae Klong River in Urn Pang. The waterfall is surrounded by greenish trees, inviting you to spend a night sleeping in a tent here, How nice it is that there is no single resort or other buildings in around this scenic natural place. The entrance fee costs only 20 Baht/person. To hire a tent is also not so expensive.A long the way to Tee Lor Soo, you will

Tee Lor Soo Waterfall

see several small  waterfalls with blue shine. After that there are many kinds of mixed deciduous forest and bamboo trees to learn along walk way. When you stand in front of Tee Lor Soo Waterfall, you will feel fresh from foggy. Of course, you must feel wet. and then you want to jump into the water in front of’ you. You have to remind yourself for safety too.

After we arrived to guest house, we change our cloth for adventure clothes, all devices put into water resistance bag and then jump into the raft. We sail along Mae Klong River, see Tee I.or Jor waterfall, natural hot stream, caves, big tree and various kinds of Fern. It is very wonderful to see rainbow waterfall but you have to arrive here before 10:00 am. In one raft, we can sit for 8 people. It takes .several hours before arriving to destination and then walk for another 10 Km. to camp spot.

The best time to visitTee Lor Soo is in rainy season font  June – November as the streams are filled up with water. It is advisable not to drive in because of the dirt muddy roads. Tourists can go by long tail boat and keep walking for another 12 kms. If you come during Dec-May, you may drive into the waterfall but the road are bumpy.

Other activities in Um Pang are driving, through thousand curves, wake up in very early morning to see foggy hill at Doi Hua Mod, see the sun rising with fresh air. When you arrive to Um Pang. do not forget to taste hill coffee because the taste is so strong, it can awake you to feel fresh.

Interesting place to visit when you visit Tak are Tung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary Center. Pang Ma Now watershed. Conservative Road to Baan Nadee. agriculture Farm, Fish Cave, To Ko Bee Cave, UM Pang hill tribe village. Pa Charoen Waterfall and the way back home you can buy cheap things at Rim Muay Market.

Tee Lor Soo Waterfall

Suggestion: Make sure if you hire a van, the driver must familiar with the road because the route from Mae Sot —Um Pang is 169 kms. with 1,219 curves. Passengers might have to take some tablets incase of dizzy head during the trip.

Tee Lor Soo Waterfall

How to get there : Tee Lor Soo Waterfall

Go to Tee Lor Soo Waterfall

From Bangkok: Use Asia Road to Tak but before reaching Tak, make a left turn to Mae Sot District and follow Route #105 until downtown Mae Sot then turn left again to Um Pang.Use 1090 until the end.

From Um Pang: Use Um Pang-Mae Sot Rd until kilometer sign# 161 then turn left to Mae Klong Mai —Ban Peng Kleung. About 20 kms to Klor checkpoint or Um Pang Wildlife Sanctuary Checkpoint left hand from the main road is bumpy road for another 30 kms. tourists to Tee Lor Soo must get permission to go in Um Pang  Wildlife Sanctuary Center at the Tourism Association and Um Pang Conservative Center before. Then travel by another muddy road for 26 kms. until you see Um Pang  Wildlife Sanctuary Center. Total travel time is around 2 hours. It is advisable to travel by pick up or 4WD. In rainy season any transport may not be able to go in and from Um Pang Wildlife Sanctuary Center you have to walk for 3 kms to the Tee Lor Soo waterfall.

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