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Doi Soi Malai

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Doi Soi Malai

Tak is a land of high mountains and unspoiled nature. However, it is also home to rich forests and famous water.

People who enjoy motoring will find a drive up to Tak a wonderful way to see the Thai countryside.

Location: In the Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary.

The route to Doi Soi Malai is rough and very steep therefore. A 4WD car is recommended.When heading toward your destination, you will be driving through picturesque evergreen forests. In the morning, the trees will be covered with a blanket of mist, only allowing permitting you to see their outline. From the valley, you can see the road ascending to the top of the bald mountains, Headwater Unit I and the Phumiphon Reservoir.

Headwater Unit Ills not only the end of the road, but also the best place to see the sun rising over the reservoir and the rolling fog rolling in from the sea.

The cool breezes flowing over Doi Soi Malai offer a pleasant reprieve from the summer heat.

Sightseeing on the top of the hill is popular with many travelers. From here you can see the mountain ridge and, Phumiphon Reservoir.

Although the route is challenging, the cool wind will help make your excursion pleasant.

Travel: When embarking on this trip, you will need a 4WD vehicle and a compan¬ion incase a problem arises.

To reach Doi Soi Malai, you need to drive down the Ban Tak-Mae Ramat Road and turn right at the police box.

Best time: November to February is the best season to enjoy this trip.

Preparation: You should prepare camping gear, food provisions, tools, a coat and a blanket. Do not forget to keep the site clean.


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