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ATV Tour in Chiangmai

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ATV Tour in Chiangmai

Driving Tours ATV 200 cc ATV Automatic system. Here to enjoy the nature. Off Road in Chiang Mai route experience fun and young and old.


ATV Tour in Chiangmai

Tour in Chiangmai. I had a chance to discover jungle of Maerim with them Khun Saichon Kaew-On, owner of IMAC ATV tells me that in order to have a real touch of local life style, experience their culture, you have to closely spend time with them to explore this. ATV is an option. The ATV routes have been designed to cut through hill tribe villages and dirt roads which go up and down, also along the tracks you would be able to make stops at natural attractions, for example, Doi Pa Klong, which is the highlight of this journey. One cannot deny that this is a challenging route for adventure lovers. Getting more information from Khun Saichon, I honestly become less confident in making the trip, but he comfort me that “Don’t be scared, it is not easy fell down from ATV, try it and you will know how fun it is”. Hearing he said so, I brought back all my coolness and move forward.

ATV tour in Chiangmai

ATV Tour in Chiangmai ,BIG FEET ON THE ROAD

My heart was beating hard till the second. I could really touch the Big Feet ATV. Because of its big wheels and 150 CC enormous engines, I could not get over my excitement. At the beginning I had to slowly try it out, learning how to ride in front of their shop. Khun Kai, another staff said it is just like riding a motorcycle. I went one more round to get more familiar and later was able to speed up and use 3 gears which are forward, reverse and free gear.

Time to start; Khun Saichon gave me helmet, gloves, mask to protect the dust getting in your mount. “In rainy season, I guarantee it is much more fun than this because the roads will all be muddy,” said Khun Kai. With confidence, I was ready to take off as I now transformed myself to be a racer! The route was about 50 kms. I took off right in front of the shop and went along Lad Yang, Mae Rim – Sa Mueng Rd. The first attraction was Mae Sa Elephant Camp. If you are lucky, you might have elephant as your journey partners. Next was Queen Sirikitti Botanic Garden. We went on until the first stop at Dee Mee waterfall . a small watertall with cool transparent water. The surrounding is so invite to hav e a rest. From there  continued to the intersection of Pong Yang – Ban Pha Nok kok where it leads to a hill tribe cultural village,Mhong. There is a museum in the village. We stopped and prepared ourselves for the real off road.

“Finally we will begin the off road.” After being on a cement road in the village for a while. we entered the dirt road which were bumper and bumper, full of dust everyhere. I remenber I could hardly sit on the seat because I was jumping up and down. “Take it easy, clout speed up. Aim base to concentrate.”

For me I was still not so professional  so I was last in the group, but soon I found out some tricks and was able to control it. there I went, up the hill of somewhat 60 degree I speed

up as fast as I could, as I dirt not wish to push the ATV up myself if i couldn’t make it. I made it to a small cannel and the water splashed out. I was all wet with mud and water. Never mind. I just love it

ATV tour in Chiangmai


later on another stop was made at Doi Pa Kon have some food before are proceed to the next tought route which was extremely steep and rough hecause of rocks on the road, so called Hin Loy. Also on this rocky we had to ride on mountain ridge,hilight of the trip. We had to go one by one, until it was my turn. I carefully speed up and trying to control it or else I  might be falling down.

Eventually I got the top of Doi Pa Klon. For me it was some kind  of feeling when excitement meets challenge From there we walked another 200 meters to the view point. where you can get a great 360 degree panorama view. On the east is Hang Dong District. west it Mae Rim. When looking straight I could see beautiful cloud in the sky. Here there is a foot print on a rock which believed to be Buddha Foot Print. I spent time to enjoy the surrounding before we continued the journey.and happy in trip ATV tour in Chiangmai in this trip tour.

Now Khun Saichon warned us to be careful  when going down from hill. “It is more difficult to go down, slowly release the break. Don’t hold the break because you might fall”. We used the road passing Mhong Mae Sa Mai Village, then I realized that riding down is really more difficult than going up. I must except that I was excited and could not breathe until we passed this point. I could not believe that I did ride anAfV. I guarantee it was great fun for your next trip to Chiang Mai. I would come either rainy season or winter to do IMAC ATV again.

ATV tour in Chiangmai : Suggestion for riding ATV

ATV is a 4 wheeI motorcycle that can go on any kind of road You should have some skills of riding motorcycle before because the tracks are quite dangerous. You should also listen to the leader and  must wear helmet, elbow and knee guards. One important thing your feet must always be on the foot rest.

How to get there : ATV tour in Chiangmai

From Highway of Chiangmai use Maerim – Sameung Rd. till the KM. 10th, IMAC  ATV TOUR CHIANGMAI is on the right before Mae Sa Elephant Camp. More information visit at , ATV tour in Chiangmai

Where to stay : ATV tour in Chiangmai

It is one day trip, therefore you can stay in town and drive to IMAC during the day. 15 Km. far from town.


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