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Adventure tour at Khao Kra Jome Ratchaburi

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Adventure tour at Khao Kra Jome Ratchaburi

Khao Kra Jome Ratchaburi

To the heart of the traveler like me, the road will never end. There will always be a way for me to seek the opportunity to explore more, lighting up the inspiration of lifetime knowledge. For me, this new destination is the top of the mountain called “Khao Kra Jome” Suan Phueng district, Ratchaburi province.

I left Bangkok early in the morning and reached Suan Phueng district in the afternoon. The van I traveled in parked at the “Usavadee” field for us to freshen up before we reach our destination “Khao Kra Jome“. And since there is limited space up there at “Khao Kra Jome“, we all needed to take shower and change before we did not. have a chance. After we all changed, we moved to a four-wheel drive because other kinds of vehicle could not possibly drive up to the peak of the mountain with non-asphalt road. Some part of the road is filled with water scouring over the road from the rain and full of rocks. Only some part of the road are paved, therefore, making this place one of the best place to practice an off road adventure.

Khao Kra Jome

A green jeep with a giant wheel rolled down towards the peak of the mountain, having sign said 7 kilometers to the top of “Khao Kra Jome“. As we ride along the sideways with wind and dust upon our faces, we saw a lot of trees and realized that this place is still enrich by the nature. “Khao Kra Jome” is 1,000 meter above the water level. II is the base of the frontier policemen, the border of Western Thai Myanmar area. We reached the top of the mountain almost evening. The weather was quite nice with perfect scenery of mist, therefore, a lot of tourists like to stay and camp up here. I would like to point out one thing that if you have a chance to come up here and bring food with you, do bring the trashes down with you in order to maintain the status of this nature and the environment.

The sun was about to set, I was having rice which was cooked in the bamboo flask, enjoying the romantic night scene with all the stars in a clear sky. It was slightly chilling when I sat under the stars in moonlight, so I had to set up a bonfire and late at night we drove along the moon path to watch different kinds of animals came to fetch a food. We did not track any animal so we had to go back to the camping area until we heard cicadas noise, so we went up to the top of the mountain again and sat down under the bonfire and looked up the clear sky and relaxed with the unpolluted nature.

Wind was blowing all night, kept me awake, and wondered if our tent will blew in the air. Luckily, the tents were fine and in the morning, there were mist and the sun was about to rise. After a while, we heard the engine starts, it was green jeep given the sign that we had to leave Khao Kra Jome.

Along the path on the way back, there are a lot of things we discovered in this nature: the rare banana trees, waterfalls called “PhaDeang”, which was 200 meters from the top of Khao Kra Jome. We went to the waterfall and rested there for a while, and then we spotted a lot of beautiful banana trees at Orchid Bee Garden, which imported orchid to oversea. It was a free entrance.

The sun was about to set, and we all know the trip was about to finish.At Khao Kra Jome ,While I was sitting in the van to go back, I glanced on the sideways together with the sunset view on the far glance, till I slept and next thing I knew, we reached Bangkok.

Khao Kra Jome

Journey, Khao Kra Jome:

Ratchaburi is one of the interesting cities in Thailand. It is located not far from Bangkok and there area lot of interesting places to visit. Suan Pheung is one of the places I would like to recommend you to visit on your holiday. There area lot of natural environment surrounded and the journey was quite convenient.

• Private car to Khao Kra Jome : use highway no. 338 and then get in Petchkasem Road at Amphor Nakornchaisri before arrive to Nakornprathom 16 kin. use Petchkasem Road heading to Ratcha buri , them turn right to highway 3208 at Khao Kan Jan, go straight to Amphor Suan Phueng about 60 kilometers.

• Public bus to Khao Kra Jome : everyday from Bangkok – Ratchaburi for more information, contact transportation company at transportation South Station. Then use 4WD for going up to Khao Ka Jome


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