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Wat Nong Waeng – Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon

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Wat Nong Waeng – Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon

The Wat Nong Waeng temple is perhaps the most famous and biggest attraction in Khon Kaen. The temple is located within the city of Khon Kaen and is famous for its nine stories Stupa that goes up into the sky, creating a beautiful gold site for all those who visit it. The temple itself is a very old temple and is deemed a royal temple, meaning that the monks and the temple itself is highly respected by every local and the Thai people. The temple itself holds a good history that tells a story of how the temple came to be what it is today, along with the treasures that the temple hods for all the visitors that come to pray and see the beauty of the temple daily.

Beginning with a brief history of the temple.  The temple was built as a celebration of King Rama 9 throne and also a celebration to the anniversary of Khon Kaen becoming 200 years old. Furthermore, in the year 1981, the temple received the award of best role model of a developed temple with more awards in 1983 and 1984. In 1983, the temple received an award for the best developed temple and in 1984, the temple officially became a Royal temple in the Nation of Thailand. The temple itself is highly respected by the local and many come to the temple to pray to Buddha and the monks with the Buddhist purposes and belief. For tourists the temple is very popular as an attraction as the main building of the temple has 9 stories within the building shaped as a Stupa. The levels within the main building hold different interesting artifacts such as historical pieces and Buddhist pisces.

As you enter the Stupa into the 1st level, you will see many showcases, showing Buddha statues with Buddhist related objects relating to Lord Buddha and other highly respected monks in Thailand. There will be a large glass case holding the Lord Buddha statues. Beside the large glass case, there is some historical pieces such as bone relics and other historical pieces and historical replication pieces that are contained in glass jars. The purpose of these glass jars is to properly preserve and protect the pieces from outside factors such as dust, the temperature, and the to protect from touch. The main goal is to keep the pieces as long as possible so that the future generations will also be able to see the pieces as well for knowledge and understanding of our history.  On the 2nd level, there holds many Isaan pieces that consists of appliances that were used in the past before the development of modern and mass produced appliances. The next level, which is the 3rd floor, where the purpose of this level is to promote learning by studying. Many Isaan tails are available here for reading, similar to Aesop fables, the purpose of these tails is to teach important lessons that will definitely inspire for a better life. On the 4th level, is also a learning level with changing from studying and reading to historical pieces, where on this level holds many historical pieces, such as ancient Thai art and pictures of past Buddhas, this is further expanded in the 5th level where there are historical utensils held combined with a story on the walls of Lord Buddha’s life and his journey.

Furthermore, as you enter into the 6th level, there is the precepter hall that is lined with the tales of Jataka. The next floor, which is the 7th floor is called the enlightened Buddha hall and lined with the tales of Prince Temi, telling the story of a very dumb prince through his journey of learning. The 8th level is called the Buddha’s teaching hall and is lined with the main teachings of Lord Buddha, this level is aimed towards spreading the teachings of Lord Buddha to the people, which is aimed towards raising the level of living for the people. The last level on the 9th floor, is the view level where a spectacular view of the khon kaen city can be seen. Overall, the Wat Nong Waeng can be an excellent attraction to visit when you are in Khon Kaen, as it holds an amazing 9 stories building where you will learn about the history of Esaan, along with the teachings and the tales of Lord Buddha, furthermore, it is one of the best viewpoints to see the city in fullsight. The temple is free to enter and can be visited from 7.00 to 17.00 daily, but remember to dress appropriately and respectfully for the purposes of visiting a temple.

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