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A province in the Lower North, Uttradit has a long history developing through the years since pre-historic time.

The site of the original town, then called Bang Pho Tha It, was located on the right bank of the Nan River. It flourished as a port for goods transportation. As a result, King Rama V elevated its status into a province and re-named it Uttradit, literally the Port of the North.

Uttradit is located 491 kilometres from Bangkok and covers an area of 7,838 square kilometres and is divided into the following districts: Muang, Tron, Laplae, Phichai, Tha Pla, Nam Pat, Fak Tha, Ban Khok, and Thong Saen Khan.

Uttaradit Attractions

Uttaradit Art, Culture and Heritage

Bo Lek Nam Phi

Attraction Details :

Bo Lek Nam Phi is the source of the best quality steel which was used to fashion swords and weapons in the past. Today, there are still two “wells” in existence. Ores from these two sources are believed to have been used to make swords for kings only. This ancient site can be reached by going for a distance of 42 kilometres to Thong Saen Khan district and continue for another 14 kilometres on Highway 1245.

Uttaradit Provincial Cultural Hall

Attraction Details :

Once the official residence of the provincial governor, the Uttaradit Provincial Cultural Hall houses important historical relics. A major item is the “Yan Mat”, a carved wooden carrying pole made by Late Ayutthaya Period craftsmen.

Phra Si Phanommat Memorial

Attraction Details :

The Phra Si Phanommat Memorial, in Laplae district, commemorates a community leader who was highly repeated by the townspeople. The Chinese-descended tax collector on alcohol products contributed tremendously to the development of the community and was rewarded with the rank of Phra Si Phanommat from King Rama V.

Praya Phichai Dap Hak Memorial

Attraction Details :

The Praya Phichai Dap Hak Memorial is installed in front of the townhall erected in honour of a hero. As governor of Muang Phichai (south of Uttaradit) about 200 years ago during the Thon Buri Period, the valiantly fought with Burmese evaders until one of his swords broke in two. But he prevailed over them. Hence the sobriquet Phichai of the Broken Sword.

 Uttaradit Nature and Wildlife

Khuean Sirikit

Attraction Details :

Khuean Sirikit at Tha Pla district some 68 kilometres from town on the Uttaradit-Tha Pla Road, is the countrys large earthen dam. Built to dam up the Nan River, the dike is 800 metres long. Beyond the dam is a large lake with beautiful scenery. During the cool season, the attractively landscape terrain bursts out in a profusion of colourful flowers and blooms. There are accommodation and boating services available.

Khlong Tron National Park

Attraction Details :

Klong Tron National Park is situated in an approximate area of 518.80 square kilometers, covering the areas of virgin forests in Thongsaengkhan District, Nam Pad District of Uttaradit Province. Apart from large canals and gullies, the National Park also has beautiful natural sightseeing spots including Huai Niam Waterfall, Kokmonkaew Waterfall, Tham Jan, Tham Jedee, Tham Suadao, Tham Phatang, Kao Phumiang, as well as cliffs, and provides recreational facilities. It  consists of high and low mountains. Major mountains of the National Park include Kao-phumiang, Kao-kwumrua, Kao-ngairua, Kao-samliam, Kao-yuak, Kao-thanon, Kao-daed, Kao-maipha, Kao-takbon, Kao-namyai, Kao-phakkhuang, Kao-jan. Kao-phumiang is the highest mountaintop (1,500 meters above the medium sea level) located in the east of the National Park, and being the source of major gullies flowing westward into the Nan River.

Attractions in National Park  are as follow:

– Kaojedee  Kaojedee is a beautiful and unique pagoda-shaped stony mountain, situated approximately 500 meters away from Thamjan.

– Chan Cave or Tham Jan  a medium-sized, 15-meter-wide cave, situated in the right-hand side of Klongtron National Conserved Forest, within the areas of Tambon Phak-khwa and Tambon Thongsaengkhan, at the depth of 200 meters from the cave entrance. The Cave cannot be accessed by car.

–  Klong Tron Waterfalls Originating from Klong Tron Gully, the Klong Tron Waterfalls consist of two separate waterfalls, including a 4-step, 20-meter-high waterfall, situated approximately 1,500 meters away from the other 30-meter-high waterfall. Tourists have to access the Waterfalls by walking due to unavailability of vehicle routes.

–   Pha Phu Miang  Pha Phu Miang is a beautiful and unique large-sized cliff, situated between Ban Tonkhanun and Ban Bangkhampom (approximately 10 km away from the village). When overlooking from the cliff, tourists are able to have a view of the whole village. Tourists have to access the cliff by walking due to unavailability of vehicle routes.

How to get there : by car ;  From Muang District of Uttaradit Province, you may take Highway No.11 to Ban Nam Ang of Tron District, and take Highway No.1047 to Nam Pad District (Total distance from Muang District to Nam Pad District is 70 km).

Admission Fee: Adult 200 Baht  Child 100 Baht

Accommodation :  National Park provides Bungalow and tent for tourists.

For more information please call  +66 2562 0760.

Remarks: National Park closed during September 1- October 31 of each year.

Sak Yai Forest Park

Attraction Details :

The Sak Yai Forest Park in Nam Pat district about 80 kilometres from town on Highways Nos. 1045, 1146 and 1047, features the largest teak tree in the world. It has a circumference of 9.87 metres and is believed to be about 1,500 years old. Unfortunately, its top has been broken of by storm but the trunk still stands.

Namtok Mae Phun

Attraction Details :

The Mae Phun waterfall, located at Ban Ton Klua, is about twenty kilometres from town. The dam-like barrier creates multi-level cascades amid pleasant natural surroundings.

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