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Wiang Kosai National Park

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Wiang Kosai National Park

Wiang Kosai National Park

Established in 1981, the first national park of Phrae features rugged mOluuains and lush forest in Amphoe Long and Wang Chin of Phrae and Amphoe Thoen, Sop Prap and JUae Tha of Lampang. Among its 410 sqaure kilometres area, tourist can enjoy many beautiful natural attractions including Mae Koeng Luang and Mae Koeng Noi, Mae Chok Hot Spring. It is the country’s 35th  national park.

Wiang Kosai National Park Geography

The park feature very steep valleys and rugged mountain whose rotation leans up to 80 degrees on average. Situated on average elevation of 800 metres above sea level, the park has the highest peak towering at 1,267 metres above sea level. Its rugged mountains is blanketed by dry evergreen forest and mixed deciduous forest that originate many rivers namely Mae Koeng, Mae Chok, Mae Sin and Mae Pak.

Wiang Kosai National Park Climate

The park has three seasons. The summer is from March to May. April is the hottest month with the maximum temperature at 39 degrees Celsius. From June to October is rainy season and winter is from November to February. December is the coldest month, may drop to 13 degrees in minimum.

Wiang Kosai National Park Flora and fauna

The northern part of the park is covered by dry evergreen forest, while its southern part is dominated by mixed deciduous forest. Its major plants include Afzelia xylocarpa, Dipterocarpus alatus, Diospyros pubicalyx, Lagerstroemia calyculata, Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Xylia xylocarpa, teoone grandis , Bamboos and Calamus spp.. The park once was habitat for Sambar Deer, Tiger, Elephant, but now extinct after heavy hunting. Today, there are only small animals such as Common Muntjak, Common Wild Boar, Squirrel, Treeshrew. Different kinds of bird such as Sooty-headed Bulbul, Coppersmith Barbet, Common Tailorbird, Common Kingfisher and Magpie Robin which occupy the valleys and water sources.

Wiang Kosai National Park Attractions

• Mae Koeng Luang and Mae Koeng Noi Waterfall

The Wiang Kosai National Park is about 70 kilometres from the provincial town in Wang Chin district. It can be reached by taking Highway No. 11 (Phrae-Lampang). Then take a left turn toward Wang Chin district and continue for a further 13 kilometres to reach the turn to the park headquarters. A further 1.5 kilometres onwards are two waterfalls, the Mae Koeng Luang, one kilometer from the headquarters, and the Mae Koeng Noi, 2 kilometres on foot further on. Streams from the falls flow into the Yom River.

Remark : Mae Keng Luang Waterfall close on 1 July – 31 October

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