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The Siam Tulip Bloom at Pa Hin Kgam National Park

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The Siam Tulip Bloom @ Pa Hin Kgam National Park – Chaiyaphum

The Siam Tulip bloom is a natural occurrence that blooms only once a year. The Siam Tulip garden is located in the Pa Hin Kgam National Park, Chaiyaphum Province. The Siam Tulip in the park will bloom in the period of the raining season of Thailand. This is a natural bloom that takes place from the middle of May to the middle of August. The Siam Tulip will also start to reproduce around the month of June. The Siam Tulip bloom is a popular destination in the raining season from people all around the country. This is because when you visit the National Park at this time, the green covered ground is lit up with beautiful pink, white and purple blooms all over the area.

The Siam Tulip Bloom

The Siam Tulip Bloom

The Siam Tulip is a beautiful flower with petals that stand upright in full bloom. There are many breeds of the Siam Tulip. They vary by shape and sizes, while most will have bright pink colors with white and green stems and a light purple middle. During the period of the bloom, the Siam Tulip flowers will pop up from the ground, each having variations of depth. The Siam Tulip will sway with the wind and wherever the wind blows they move too. What this does is makes the flowers look as if they are dancing in nature. The Siam Tulip Bloom is also a flower that goes in contrast with the green grass beneath it. This gives a bright vision of green interacting with the bright colors of the Tulip. The weather is also amazing in this period of the bloom. In the mornings when the sun is rising the Tulip Bloom has a nice cold breeze that celebrates the clean air of the National Park. Visiting the Tulip Bloom is truly a refreshment to your life.

The Siam Tulip Bloom

The Siam Tulip Bloom

For those who want to truly enjoy the beauty of the Siam Tulip Bloom without the hassle of driving at night to arrive at the park in the morning. There are natural resorts to choose from located very close to the National Park. One of them is Ban Pa Din Hin Nam, this is a resort that is only 500 meters away from the National park and is priced cheaply at less than 2,000 THB per room. There are many facilities with Wi-Fi and food preparation services for large amounts of people.

The Tulip Bloom takes place in over 1,000 rai of land. This is a masterpiece of natural art as the 1,000 rai will be covered in the Siam Tulips blooming all together at the same time. For photographers or those with the love of art, it is safe to say that this can be a heaven ground for you. The recommended way to travel is to bring your personal vehicle, as the National Park is big and can be difficult if you do not have a personal car. There are car parks provided by the national park, you do not have to be afraid of not having any park spaces as the National Park realizes the popularity that increases during these periods of the year.

The National Park opens for the Siam Tulip bloom every day from 6 am to 6 pm. Although we strongly recommend to come as soon as it opens, because the earlier the more beautiful the experience will be as a result from the beautiful weather, fog, and the full bloom of the flowers. The cost for foreigners to visit the National Park is at 200 THB per person. From the parking lot there are trucks that will take you from the car park into the main area of the Siam Tulip Bloom for 30 THB each. For those who love to exercise, you can choose to walk into the National Park instead while getting to see other beautiful areas and the animals that reside in the National Park. When visiting Chaiyaphum don’t forget to visit the other stunning attractions such as Ban Rai, Nam Nao Nao National park, and more.

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