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Si Satchanalai National Park

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Si Satchanalai National Park

Si Satchanalai National Park

Si Satchanalai National Park acquires 213.20 square kilometres area in Amphoe Si Satchanalai and Thung Saliam of historyrich province of Sukhothai. The country’s 26th  national park ltlaS established in 1981.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Located in Tambon Nong Satchanalai District of portraying Oh, and Ta Chai. District Satchanalai. Sukhothai.

Si Satchanalai National Park Geography

Rugged mountains and rock cliffs dot around the area. The high mountains such as Doi Mae Wang Chang and Doi Mae Mok lie from the north to the south on its western edge at the elevation range between 300-1,200 metres above sea level, leaving the plain at by Yom River. The forest is watershed of many streams such as Huai Sai Khao, Huai Mae Tha Phae, Huai Mae San, Huai Pha Cho and Huai Manao. Climate The climate in the park does not different from the nearby area. It has hot summer and wet rainy season. In winter, the coldest month is between December and February.

Si Satchanalai National Park Flora and fauna

Mixed deciduous forest acquires 93.4 percent of the total area, covering steep valleys, slopes and by the creek. The remaining area belongs to the deciduous dipterocarp forest which houses of Shorea obtusa, S.siamensis, Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Lagerstroemia calyculata, Schleichera oleose and hill evergreen forest where Castanopsis acuminatissima, Dipterocarpus turbinatus and Helicia sp. are found. Lush forest, rugged mountain and crisscrossing streams make the park a perfect place for wildlife. Often found wildlife includes Northern Treeshrew, Common Wild Boar, Variable Squirrel, Macaque, Asian Golden Cat, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater, Hawk and Bat. The rare species animal in the park include Serow, Common Muntjak, Sambar Deer, Porcupine, Big-headed Turtle, Tiger, Great Hornbill, Langur and white-handed Gibbon. Number of endangered species such as Asian Elephant and Guar are declining

Si Satchanalai National Park Attractions

• Tat Dao Waterfall. The beautiful is originated from Huai Mae Tha Phae Stream that falls 30 metres, through 3 steps, to the deep pool below. It is 3 kilometres from the park’s headquarters.

• Tat Duean Waterfall. The small waterfall is some 10 metres high. The stream snakes into deep pool where people can enjoy swimming. It is only 300 metres from the park’s headquarters.

• Huai Sai Khao Waterfall . The 7 steps waterfall is situated tranquil valley, 3 kilometres from the headquarters.

• Tara Wasan Cave. Situated only 1.5 kiometres from the headquarters, the cave has beautiful formation of stalagmit es and stalactites. Plenty of flora and fauna, such as Chan Pha and Southern Serow are found around the area.

• Khang Khao Cave. The beautiful cave is home to hundred thousands of bat. It is 20 kilometres from the headquarters. Moreover, the park features many natural attractions such as Huai Pha Cho Waterfall, Viewpoint from Doi Mae Wang Chang.

Getting there

From Sukhothai, motorist can use highway 12, bypassing the provincial town for 15 kilometres, then turn right in to highway 1113 and then 1294. The park is 100 kilometres from downtown Sukhothai.

Or the motorist can use highway 101 to Si Satchanalai, turn left at Si Satchanalai Hospital to the highway 1035 and get on highway 1294 to the park. This route is 122 kilometres.

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