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Phu Luang

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Phu Luang

Phu Luang (Loei Province)

Phu Luang is a vulnerable area of wildlife sanctuary.  It boasts the stunnoing floras.  The best time for visiting is in the winter.  By the way, you must have permission before entering.  Besides, some parts are restricted.
You can take Phu Luang one-day trip or stay overnight at Phu Luang guesthouse. Looking at Phu Luang map, you will see it covers c large area and can be divided into 2 parts,The first part is called”LonTae”. It is not open to public To get into the area, permission is necessarily required.Yoc have to trek for 8 km. over the mountain. It takes you about 4-6 hours.The attractions are Pha Kob, Pha Chong NaTang Pha Rung Arun, pine forest and grass field.
The second part is called”Khok Nok Kraba”. It’s under Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary and is open to public. From Phu Reau National Park, it’s easy to get here.
The interesting activity is trekking through the forest where various floras and footprints of dinosaur can be seen.
Khok Nok Kraba is the name of Park Protection Unit located on the hilltop, about 8 km. away from the office of wildlife sanctuary or from the hill foot. It’s accessible by 4-wheeled car.
When you reach the mountaintop, you will find lots of rare flower and a large natural stone garden which is outstanding for Kraba (bird)-shaped stone.
In the winter, the most interesting flora is red maple tree. The more red maple leaves lie on the ground, the longer winter time passes by.
Khok Nok Kroba is the land of rare floras. In each season, different species of flora grow.


Phu Luang

Phu Luang

Aside from the beautiful flora, the scenery from PhaTaloen and Pha Somdet on Khok Nok Kraba is splendid.You can enjoy the lovely flowers on the way to the viewpoints. Pha Somdet-PhaTaloen
Its only 2 km. away from Khok Nok Kraba Park Protec­tion Unit.You have to trek through the rainforest where red maple trees can be seen during November to December. After trekking through the forest, you will reach the grass and bush field before Pha Somdet.
Pha Somdet is a small cliff offering a stunning view of Phu Luang forest. If you visit in the summer, red and white roses can be seen. From Pha Somdet, PhaTaloen can be seen in close distance. Along the trail to the cliff, various kinds of floras can be admired.
PhaTaloen is a nice viewpoint where there are floras and footprints of dinosaur believed to be 120 years old to see. Phu Luang is about I ,200-m high above sea level.The weather is fine all year round. On a visit to Phu Luang, you are advised to have a guide lead you and tell you about the floras,

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