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Namtok Mae Surin National Park

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Namtok Mae Surin National Park

Namtok Mae Surin National Park

Mae Surin Waterfall National Park. Natural attractions of  Mae Hong Son Province  Mae Surin Waterfall is the most beautiful of Mae Hong Son.

Situated in remote jungle amidst rugged mountain in Amphoe Khun Yuam and Mueang of Mae Hong Son, the park acquires 396.60 square kilometres. The aerial survey finds that the forest around Mae Surin Waterfall was rich in wilderness. The cone-shaped Doi Pui Mountain has unique landscape with flat-top summit where blanketed with cold weather all the year round. Its waterfalls, Mae Surin. And Pha Bong, are major natural attractions. Thus, the Country’s 37th national park was established in 1981.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park Geography

Most area in the park is rugged range, rock mountain and towering cliffs particularly at Doi Khun Nam Rin and Doi Pui. Various forest types, including mixed deciduous forest , dry evergreen forest , deciduous dipterocarp forest and coniferous forest , carpets the whole area. Among such wilderness, there are many prestige orchids such as Vanda coerulea. The vast wilderness is watershed many tributaries that contribute to Pai River.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park Climate

The park has comfortable climate. It is quite cold during the winter. Heavy rains in the rainy season always worsen the transportation. So, winter and summer is the best period to make a visit to the park.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park Flora and fauna

Mixed deciduous forest and deciduous dipterocarp blankets low land by the stream where high moisture nourishes the trees. Its major plants include Dipteroearpus alatus, Terminalia bel/iriea. Coniferous forest covers most steep ridges Pinus merkusii and P.kesiya can be found. Numerous kinds of wildlife can be found such as Bear, Sambar Deer, Common Muntjak, Common Wild Boar, Civet, Macaque, Langur, Mouse Deer, Gibbon and Tiger as well as different kinds of birds.


• Mae Surin Waterfall. It is one of the highest waterfall in Thailand. Mae Surin Stream falls in to the cliff 180 metres below. Situated 38 kilometres from Amphoe Khun Yuam, it can be accessed during the dry season only.

• Damkhon Waterfall (Pha Bong Waterfall) Damkhon Stream falls through 2 tiers at 30 metres high. It is 12 kilometres from Mae Hong Son. The waterfall can be visited all the year round.

• Pai River . The river has beach which is a nice place for camping. The exciting white water rafting tour is available on this river.

• Nong Khiao. The vast plain situated on the ridge is covered with coniferous forest. Tourists require to trek 2 hours from Mae Surin Waterfall.

• Doi Pui. Famed for cold weather, the flat-top mountain is home to many temperate-climate plants.

• Nam Hu Haichai Cave. It is a strange natural phenomenon. Every 25 minutes, the cave wall always breathe out water from the holes. It is assumed that such phenomenon is resulted from water pressure deep from the underground. The cave is in Tambon Pha Bong, Amphoe Mueang of Mae Hong Son. Visitors require to walk for 3-4 hours from Ban Huai Nam, Mae Sakuet.

Getting there

From the provincial town of Mae Hong Son, use highway 108 bound for Amphoe Khun Yuam 60 kilometres away. From Khun Yuam, the park is 40 kilometres away

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