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Mae Ping National Park

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Mae Ping National Park

Mae Ping National Park

Mae Ping National Park. Mae Ping National Park information. National Park is located in Chiang Mai. Mae Ping National Park. Covers an area of ​​Doi Tao. Lee District, Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Tak Sam Ngao district.

Situated on the left side of Mae Ping River which fills up Bhumiphol Dam, the picturesque park is rich of forest and wildlife. Its rugged mountain range and crisscrossing streams cover parts of Amphoe Doi Tao of Chiang Mai, Amphoe Li of Lamphun and Amphoe Sam Ngao of Tak. Established in 1981, the country’s 32 th  national park acquires total area of 1,003.75 square kilometres.

Mae Ping National Park

Mae Ping National Park

Mae Ping National Park Geography

Rugged mountains cover most part of the park at the average elevation of 900 metres above sea level. Its highest peak, Doi Huai Lao, towers at 1,334 metres. The range is watershed of many streams that are tributaries of Mae Ping River. Its water boundary starts from Amphoe Doi Tao of Chiang Mai and stretches southward for a hundred kilometres to reservoir of Bhumiphol Dam in Amphoe Sam Ngao of Tak. Its widest part is 6 kilometres wide.

Mae Ping National Park Climate

like most part of the country, the park has summer, rainy season and winter. However, vast forest of the park makes its climate a bit different from the other regions.

Mae Ping National Park Flora and fauna

Deciduous forest blankets over 80 percent of the total area, covering sandy soil mountain at elevation less than 1,000 metres. The remaining 20 percent area are valleys and creeks blanketed by deciduous forest. The significant plants include Tectona grandis, Shorea obtuse, S.siamensis, Mong Afzelia xylocarpa, Pterocarpus mecrocetpus, Lagerstroemia calyeulata, Dipterocarpus obtusifolius, Pinus sp., Tetrameles nuditiore, PhyJlanthus emblica, Terrninalia alata, T.chebula, T.bellirica, Hopea ferrea, H.odorata, Bambusa bambos, Orchids and Fern. Wildlife is often found along the Mae Ping River. They include Common Muntjak, Common Wild Boar, Asiatic Black Bear, Serow, Goral, Fishing Cat, Small Indian Civet, Macaque, Gibbon, Siamese Hare and Giant Black Squirrel. Great amount of resident and migration birds such as Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Brown Shrike, Burmese Shrike, Black-naped Oriole, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, Barn Swallow, Red-rumped Swallow, Asian Palm Swift, White-rumped Shama and Red Junglefowl.

Attractions Place on Mae Ping National Park

• Ko Luang Waterfall. The waterfall is quite a famous place for people from Lamphun and nearby. The limestone waterfall cascades through 7 steps. The beautiful formation of stalactites around the waterfall and quiet pool with lots of fish make it a nice place to relax.

• Thung  Kik . Situated on the eastern part of the park, the vast grassland, interrupted with deciduous dipterocarp forest, is a beautiful habitat of wildlife such as Common Muntjak, Sambar Deer, Siamese Hare and Red Junglefowl. It is a nice place for naturalist. Ko Noi Waterfall, 9 kilometres from the grassland, is a cute place for relaxing.

• Huai Tham. The viewpoint by Mae Ping River offers picturesque view of Doi Tao Reservoir.

• Pha Dam-Pha Daeng . The towering cliff is enveloped amidst untouched nature. Panoramic view can be seen from the cliff. It can be accessed by foot only.

• Yang Wi Cave. The big limestone cave, decorated beautifully by formation of stalagmites and stalactites, is home to bats. Around the cave is beautiful coniferous forest that always satisfies the adventurous naturalist.

• Kaeng Ko. The scenic reservoir is nice for relaxing. Rafts guestroom are available for tourists. As Kaeng Ko is situated at the mid of reservoir of Bhumiphol Dam, it is quite convenient to cruise around to visit attractions around such as Urn Pae Waterfall, Urn Pat Waterfall, Tao Cliff, Phra That Kaeng Soi and etc.

Getting there

The park’s headquarters is located in Tambon Mae Lan, Amphoe Lee of Lamphun . From Amphoe Lee, take highway 1 and get on highway 1087. The headquarters is on the left side of kilometer 20-21. Touristcan cruise from Doi Tao Reservoir of Chiang Mai to Reservoir of Bhumiphol Dam in Tak


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