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Mae Moei National Park

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Mae Moei National Park

Mae Moei National Park, This is one of the five popular national parks with tourists of Tak Province like Lansang or Namtok Phacharoen National Park. The park itself is lying in the Mae Sariang and Tha Song Yang District on hightway no. 105 (Mae Sot-Mae Sariang). It was established in 1990 and named after its west 50-meter long boundary line, the Moei River that separates Myanmar from Thailand.

Mae Moei National Park

Mae Moei National Park is covering an area of 185.25 square kilometers or 115,800 rai. Its neighboring area is:

North: Mae Salid-Omkoi Highway, Chiang Mai

South: Mae Song River and Highway no. 105 (Mae Sot-Mae Sariang)

East: Huai Mae Lui and Mae Song River

West: Mae Salid-Omkoi Highway, Chiang Mai

Mae Moei National Park Physical Feature

Mae Moei National Park is a massive mountain zone which is some 680 meters above sea level including the park’s highest peak at 1,250 meters. Within the catchment area is covered with fertile woodland, the headwater of Mae Song, Mae Usu, Mae Salid Luang and Mae Moei.

Best Time on Tour

Mae Moei National Park

The best season runs from November to April, cool season to summer. During this period the spectacular view and sea of fog is waiting for everyone. Between May and October it is raining cats and dogs, the jungle is emerald and the falls are flooded.

Outstanding Feature between walk to Mae Moei

Tham Mae Usu: Situated in Mee Noh Koh Village, about 12 km north from the Tha Song Yang District. To get there, drive along Mae Sot-Mae Sariang Road until 94th km turn left. Then continue driving for 2 km.

Tham Mae Usu is enormous with very high ceiling so the inside is not so dark and well-ventilated. Mae Usu Brook is feeding through the cave. Between summer and cool season is the best time, whereas the rainy season is quite dangerous for travel.

There are majestic stalagmites and stalactites and a large hole in the west. Thus, the cave looks much more splendid when the sun is shining.

Mae Salid Noi Waterfall:

This is the source of Mae Salid River. It is about 3 km from the park’s headquarter along the path¬way. Please remember that officers must ac¬company your on your journey.

The viewpoint for fog sea: As Mae Moei National Park is standing at the height of 1,100 meters, the picturesque sea of fog is clearly seen at the back of the headquar¬ters or on many mountaintops. However, some spots blinds themselves in the dense forest, so you have to walk for 3-4 hours and stay overnight for 1 night. For instance:

Mon Kru Phasai and Mon Poonsuda:

They are positioned around 200 meters from each other and about 7 kilometers form the headquarters. Over here, the sea of fog and sunrise are appealing.

Mon Kiew Lom:

The popular viewpoint with tourist as it offers the gorgeous picture of sunrise on top of the fog sea. It is 14 km from the headquarters.

Flora and Fauna in Mae Moei National Park

Animals that have frequently been found in Mae Moei national park are Common wild pig, Palm Civet, Red Junglefowl and many kinds of birds,and general animal.

Facilities on Mae Moei National Park

The park has provided lodges accommodate for 30-40 people and campsite at each viewpoint.

For more information

Mae Moei National Park

Accommodation Service, National Park Division, Royal Forest Department

Tel: 0-2579-7223, 0-2561-4292-43724-725

How to go

Mae Moei National Park

From the Mae Sot District drive along highway no. 105 (Mae Sot-Mae Sariang) for 127 km and then turn left at the junction. After that continue driving along highway no. 1267 for 11 km until the park.

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