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Mae Moei National Park In Tak Province

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Mae Moei National Park In Tak Province

Mae Moei National Park In Tak Province

Geographically, the National Park borders on Myanmar in the west for a distance 50 kilometres, It coeers the area of 185.28 square kilometres in Amphoe Tha Song Yang of Tak. The Park offers scenic vim.v amidst various ‘vegetations and was gazetted in 1999.

Mae Moei National Park

Mae Moei National Park

Mae Moei National Park Geography

The National Park features rugged mountain range and little plain. With its averge 680 metres high above sea level, it gave birth to the main tributaries of Mae Nam Mae Song, Mae Nam Mae Usu, Mae Nam Salit Luang, Mae Nam Moei.

Mae Moei National Park Climate

Rainy season is from May to October (tourism avoided.) In summer, the weather is warmer. During the winter months, the temperature is cool and it is the best season for tourism.

Mae Moei National Park Flora and fauna

The National Park is home to wildlife such as Common Muntjak, Wild Boar, Palm Civet and Civet and various kinds of birds as Barbet, Babbler, Bulbul, Bee-eater, Minivet, Trogon, Thrush, Tailorbird, Shrike, Sunbird and Flowerpecker.

Attractions place on Mae Moei National Park

• Mae Usu Cave. The cave has a subterran ean river runs though. This attraction is naturally decorated with glittering curtain-like stalagmites and stalactities.

• Mae Salit Noi Waterfall. It is a medium size waterfall and is a popular route for adventurers since visitors have to take a 3 kilometres walk to reach there.

• Chao Doi Waterfall, a medium waterfall, is required only one kilometre walk to access the waterfall.

• Viewpoints of sea of clouds . All viewpoints are approached along Mae Salit-Om Koi route .

• Viewpoints of sea of clouds at the back of Mae Moei National Park headquarters. With its 1,100 metres high above sea level, the viewpoint oil ers the best attraction for watching sea of clouds including sunrise and sunset views. Visitors have to take a 4 hour walk to access the viewpoint and staying overnight is required .

• Mon Khruba Sai and Mon Punsuda. They are quite close to each other. Also the places oilers sea of clouds viewpoint.

• Mon Kio Lorn. The attraction is the most popular among visitors to watch spectacular sunrise and sea of clouds panorama views. It is located 7 kilometres from the National Park headquarters

Getting there

To reach there, drive on Highway No. 105 (Mae Sod- Mae Sariang route) for about 84 kilometres. From Tak province, then continue driving for about 13 kilometres and tum left to Tham Mae Usu. Alternatively, drive on Highway No. 105 for about 30 kilometres and take a turn right to Highway No. 1267 (Mae Salil-Om Koi route) and continue for about 11 kilometres until reaching the National Park  office

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