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Lansang National Park

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Lansang National Park

Lansang National Park in Tak Province

Sited approximately 19 km. from the downtown a nearby recreation place of Tak residents.  In the vicinity of the park one can see beautiful falls that are right for having a picnic. Furthermore, the park was once a stage of superstitious event of King Taksin. Now, let’s learn more about Lansang National Park.

The park is believed to be an archaeological site of re-historic period.  There are two excavating sites, with the following discoveries: various kinds of arifact and human skeletons at Umyom and Luang Mount.  Also, Lansang can be a troop route between Ayutthaya and Burma.  Th soldiers had to pass Dan Mae Lamao Sot, Tak Province, or Dan Chedi Sam Ong in Kanchanaburi, and then walked through the park’s route.  For that matter a lot of clay potteries like weapon, etc., can be found in each pit.

As the catchment area is fertile with a variety of forest, it is a cozy house for many species of wild life and magnificent waterfalls.  Therefore, on May 14th 1979 it declared the 15th National Park.  Lansang National Park is covering an area of 104 square kilometers of 65,000 rais in Tambon Mae Tho, Amphoe Muang, Tak Province.

Thing to do & Sight to see

Pha Lad Waterfall :  The first level of the falls is situated near the headquarter and 200 meters from the admissio post. Over here, swimming and camping out is possible.  Beside the park’s office is the herb garden that collected from the park itself.

Lan Liangma Waerfall : It is only 200 meters awy from Pha Lad.  Two hundred yea ago King Taksin and his army droped out here including those steeds. The horsed left their hooves around.  Since then the falls was named Lan Liangma (ma=horse).  However, all those remains are invisible today.  Shortly crossing the wooden bridge over the water, the trail will lead you to the Tourist Information Center.

Lansang Waterfall

Lansang Waterfall

Lansang Waterfall:  It is about 2 kilometers from Lan Liangma Waterfall and around 150 meters from Tourist Information Center.  To reach there is not a hard job due to smooth pathway.  The falls has 3 tiers in the stone circle.  Having a picnic and swimming is a good idea.  On holidays, this is the most popular attraction with tourists.  For solitude lovers, continue to the highter floor is suggested.

Pha Phueng Waterfall : it is 600 meters from Lansang.  The waterfall is named after numerous beehives on the cliff and tree.  However, when it was ofter visited all those bees flied away.  Pha Phueng is a medium-sized falls that 30 meters high.  As the rocks are plenty, swimming is not possible.

Pha Te Waterfall: This is the highest level and 1200 meters from Pha Phueng Waterfall.  To win the destination, ones have to walk through dry dipterocarp and bamboo forest.  The falls is 25 metrs high in an embrace of green plants and very quiet.  As it is lying at the end of road, park’s officers should accompamy your journey.

Tha Le Waterfall :  It is quite far from other falls.  To get there drive along Tak-Mae Sot Road until the police box of Mae Tho take a turn to the park ranger unit (Tha Le). Then park your car and continue walking to Tha Le Waterfall for 3 kilometers.  This medium-sized water’s aspect is generally similar to Pha Phueng’s.  Accessibility is quite tough and officer are needed for your trip.

Besides, the park has provided the trails for adventure lovers.
– Lan Liangma Waterfall-Tourist Information Center/1800 meters/the trail runs along Huai Lansang and waterfall/1-2 hours
– Heading for viewpoint
The shrine (opposite Tourist Information Center)-Noi mountaintop viewpoint: 1 kilometer/the trail offers the scenic scenery of the Muang District; headquarters-Saen Huang mountaintop viewpoint: 500 meters/the trails offers the spectacular view of Lansang Village.
– Park Ranger Unit (Doi Muzer) Trail: The physical feature is generally mountainuous, the source of Huai Lansang with a massive area of rich dry evergreen forest.  The pathway was the troop route before the trail.


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