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Lam Nam Nan National Park

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Lam Nam Nan National Park

Lam Nam Nan National Park

Lam Nam Nan National Park covers an area of 999.15 square kilometres in Amphoe Mueang, Phrae and Amphoe Tha Pia and Amphoe Nam Pat, Uttaradlt, The National Park gave birth to the main tributaries of the lUae Nam Yom in was declared as the Thailand’s national park in 1998.

Lam Nam Nan National Park Geography

The Lam Nam Nan National Park features rugged mountain range higher than the highest level of water supply of Sirikit Irrigation. Most of the area consists of steep mountains with plains and is full of forest and wildlife.

Lam Nam Nan National Park Climate

Since Monsoon winds have an impact on Thailand’s tropical climate, generally, the temperature is usually a little higher and more humid in daytime. Rainfall is more likely during the summer months of May through October and the average rainfall is 1,440 mm. per year. During the winter months, in the mountainous North, the temperature is cool enough for tourism.

Lam Nam Nan

Lam Nam Nan

Lam Nam Nan National Park Flora and fauna

Mixed deciduous forest, deciduous dipterocarp and dry evergreen forest dominate the National Park including Tectona grandis, Afzelia xylocarpa, Xylia xylocarpa, Dalbergia oliveri, Pterocarpus macrocarpus and Shorea obtuse. The National Park is a safe sanctuary for wildlife including several mammal species such as Sambar Deer, Serow, Common Wild Boar, Asiatic Black Bear, Malayan Sun Bear, Palm Civet, Macaque, Porcupine, Fishing Cat, as well as different kinds of birds such as Heron, Rail, Lapwing, Dove, Cuckoo, Malkoha, Coucal, Swift, Crow, Roller, Coppersmith Barbet, Bulbul and Lark.

Lam Nam Nan National Park Attractions

• Sirikit Dam, a gigantic lake, was originated when Sirikit irrigation was built into Nan river. Here, a number of islet and reef are found in the reservoir. It offers spectacular view particularly when visitors take a boat trip. To reach there, take Highway No. 1045 (Uttaradit-Sirikit Dam) via the entrance to Amphoe Tha Pia and proceed to Ban Huai Charoen and take a laterite road for another 4 kilometres to reach the National Park headquarters, which is located near the reservoir.

• Choeng Thong Waterfall , a small fall, is located near the road and far from Phra That Chohae, Amphoe Mueang, Phrae about 9 kilometres. It has water all yea r round.

• Choeng Thong-Kio Khian route. This is home to a large number of birds amidst lush green trees including Pnmus cerasoides, tree ferns and various orchids.

• Phu Phaya Pho is the highest point of Lam Nam Nan National park with 1,350 metres high above sea level. From here, visitors can watch spectacular view of mountain range and abundant forest. This sacred place is also respected by residences nearby.

Getting there

It can be reach by taking the Highway No. 1045 (Uttaradit-Sirikit Dam) via Sam Yaek Ruam Chit (The entrance to Amphoe Tha Pia) and heading to Ban Huai Charoen and proceed on for a further 4 kilometres to reach the National park.

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