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Khoa Yai National Park

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Khoa Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Parkkhaoyai1Thailand oldest and third-largest national park,is considered one of the best in the world in terms of its wildlife and the scope of its protection. The famous waterfall in the film The Beach is Khao Yai Haew Suwat waterfall. This Asean National Heritage Site 2172-sq-km area encompasses one of the largest intact monsoon forests in Southeast Asia,and is home to a sizable herd of wild elephants, and in the Phanom Dong Rak mountain range, stretches cover 4 provinces including Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Nayok, Saraburi, and Prachin Buri. Khao Yai became Thailands first national park on 18th September 1962 and is also originally recognized as the National Park Heritage of Asian Group Countries tours.Khao Yai National park is comprised of mixed forests and rainforests with some wide plains and grasslands interspersed with verdant forests. There are many valuable plants, including commercial plants, scented plants and herbs. In addition, there are have several mountains with peaks ranging over the sea from 750 to 3,000 meters above sea level making Khao Yai a cool relax to time in summer.

In this time Mostpopula to visit Khao Yai is during the cool season or from October to February. and rainy season, this area is refresh a green from natural with beautiful flower around waterfalls, sending echoes all around area.


Most Popular activities in the Khao Yai National park include butterfly and bird watching, animal watching and trekking. The Park has numerous butterflies and birds as surveys indicate that over 293 species of birds use Khao Yai as a feeding ground while Khao Yai is the habitat of over 200 species. In addition, the park is home to an abundance of wildlife. The most frequently spotted animal is the deer that grazes on grass plains and sometimes come to be fed around the park office. Other animals spotted include elephants, sun bears, wild boars, monkeys, tigers, gaurs, and mountain goats. To facilitate animal watching the park built 2 wildlife watchtowers at Lion and Nong Phak Chi. . In addition Visitors are allowed up there between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m, those who want to go on tours a night safari by car you must contact the park office of Khao Yai National Park before 6 p.m. More over, Khao Yai has over 20 trekking trails for visitors to choose from, each different in natural beauty. While some trails like the Kong Kaeo trail and the Kilometer 33 trail take 1-2 hours to complete, other trails like the Nang Rong-Khao Yai trail, Samo Pun trail or Kho Yo 4 Unit-Wang Heo waterfall trail require overnight stays. Information and guides can be obtained from the tourist center service.

Attraction Places of in the Park


Kong Kaeol Waterfall This is a low waterfall, which is especially lovely in the rainy season originated from Huay Lam Takhong that divides Nakhon Nayok and Nakhon Ratchasima Provinces. The waterfall can be reached by a walking distance of 100 meters from the tourist service center. Visitors can enjoy swimming at the waterfall or taking short nature trips on real nature

Pha Kluai Mai Waterfall This is a medium waterfall in Huay Lam Takhong with two separate bodies of water flowing down rock levels to merge at the bottom. In the area visitors can find the Red Dendrobium orchid that is the symbol of the waterfall. The waterfall is about 7 kilometers from the park office and can be reached by car and on foot. In addition, there is a trail from the waterfall that leads to Heaw Suwat Waterfall.

Heo Suwat Waterfall This is a famous waterfall that cascades from a 20-meters high cliff. The waterfall, which is located at the end of Thanarat Road and being accessible by car, is only 100 meters by foot from the parking lot or a 3-kilometer walk from Pha Kluai Mai Waterfall. Visitors can view the falls from a distant viewpoint that offers a high-angle view of the waterfall through the trees or from the waterfall itself. However, please note that in the rainy season the water flows rapidly and caution should be taken.


Heo Narok Waterfall This is largest and highest waterfall in the park with 3 levels. The first level is about 60 meters high and water from this level flows straight down to the second and third levels, with a total drop of at least 150 meters. The water has considerable strength in the rainy season and is quite dangerous, but refreshing, when it comes splashing down on rocks at the bottom. The area around the waterfall is the usual feeding grounds of wild elephants. There have been occasional accidents when elephants drop from the cliff and die. For a beautiful view of the waterfall, visitors can walk 1 kilometer from the main road to a viewpoint. The waterfall itself is located to the south of the Park Office on the way to


Prachin Buri Province.

There are also other lesser waterfalls in the park like Namtok Mai Plon, Namtok Heo Sai and Namtok Heo Prathul. For more information, contact the Parks tourist service centre.

Traveling to the Park Khao Yai National Park is about 200 kilometers from Bangkok. There are 2 ways of getting there; from the 56 kilometer marker of Mitraparp Highway, turn onto Thanarat Road and proceed for approximately 23 kilometers or at Hin Kong intersection, turn onto Highway and proceed to the Noen Hom intersection and take Highway No. 3077 to the park. The second route is rather steep and is more suitable for the return trip.

If traveling by bus, get off at Amphoe Pak Chong and continue on a mini-bus up to the gate of Khao Yai National Park. The fare is 15 baht and services are provided between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. From there, visitors should flag a passing car to the park office or rent a car directly from Pak Chong.


Due to over capacity and protect the environment of Khao Yai National Park, Royal Forest Department has announced to limit the number of visitors since July 1,2008 , therefore visitors should inquire Khao Yai National Park directly before travelling at tel. 08 1877 3127 , 08 6092 6531 which operate 24 hrs.
Admission fee

Adult 400 baht and Child 200 baht (If only visiting the area from Nern Hom checkpoint to San Chao Pho Check point, the admission fee is adult 200 baht and child 100 baht) and the fee of one car is 50 baht.


There is a campsite at Pha Kluai Mai that can accommodate up to 1,000 visitors. The fee is 10 baht for children and 20 baht for adults per night. There is a restaurant and tents and sleeping bags for rent. Moreover, there are 2 more service areas at Kong Kaeo and Yaowachon that can accommodate up to 250 tourists. The fee is 30 baht each only, though sleeping gear is not provided. Visitors can obtain permission from the park before 6 p.m. For more information, call the National Parks Division, Royal Forest Department can call Tel. 66+ 2579-7223 and 66+ 2579-5734



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