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Hot Springs South of Thailand

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Hot springs in Ranong

Ranong Province in the upper South of the country is endowed with hot springs and 2 km east of Ranong town is Raksawarin Park Arboretum, mineral water coming from the springs maintains a year-round temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. hot springs ,The waters have proven healing qualities and often prescribed by doctors in the locale as a form of treatment.The hot springs, There are three main spring pools: the Father Pool, the Mother Pool and the Child Pool. Other hot spring with varied surroundings with fish in the same bath is Porn Rung.



hotspringHot Springs and Raksawarin Arboretum

Located about 2 kilometres east of the provincial office, the hot springs have been a popular tourist spot ever since King Rama V visited Ranong in 1890, and named the road to the hot springs ‘Chon Ra-u’, meaning ‘hot water’. There are three natural spring pools. The temperature of the water in the pools remains constant at about 65 ωC. The water is both potable and suitable for bathing. Doctors routinely prescribe bathing in the pools for both medical treatments and as a relaxing way to ease stress and tension. Surrounding the hot springs is a deep shaded forest called ‘Raksawarin’, where resting pavilions and wash rooms have been provided for the visitor’s comfort. Nearby Wat Tapo Tharam also provides bathing rooms for visitors who want to enjoy the healthy mineral water from the thermal springs. Enjoy hot springs


Laem Son National Park with 20 islands is on the Andaman Coast with coastal environment, the seaaroundthe islands and offshore is rich in marine life with many habitats present including; coral reefs, open water, sea grass beds, mangrove swamp, estuarine and beach. The park includes some very important nursery grounds for economically important species. Island attractions are Koh Kong Kao and Kam Archipelago with Had Prapas, Had Bang Ben and Laem Son of camping ground, and Koh Phayam 33 km off the Ranong estuary or a few hours boat cruise, The unspoilt land and climate here grows cashew nut of Ranong and resorts and guest houses are available.

There are still many other ecotourism destinations in the area waiting for tourists, Thai and foreign alike, to visit and enjoy for their life fulfillment.

Enjoy Hot springs in Thailand, hot springs south of Thailand.

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