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Haad Tai Muang National Park

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Haad Tai Muang National Park

National Park Haad Tai Muang

A few kilometers from Amphur Tai Muang is the beach, another popular tourist loca-tion bearing the same name. A short drive from the beach leads to the Tai Muang National Park a quitet, reclusive area and almost forgotten spot. The trip itself provides a very pleasant drive due to its scenic view and fallen pine leaves along the way. The Tai Muang National Park is one of the richest and most abundant ecologi¬cal systems, and the beach forest is full of pine tress and other tropical beach plants. The trees serve as a fort against natural disasters like storms and waves. Although the inland Melaleuka forest, with its beautifully shaped trees, lies in the forefront without any wave barrier, the beach remains clean and its sand is pleasant enough to walk on barefoot.

Haad Tai Muang National park is about 10 km from Amphor Tai Muang downtown.

Haad Tai Muang

Hat Tai Muang National Park

Haad Tai Muang General Information

Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Muaeng National Park, formerly known as “Lampi Waterfall” and “Lampi Forest Park” was assigned to be managed and controlled by the National Park Division of The Royal Forest Department on April 14, 1986. It is the 52nd national park of Thailand and covers an area of 72 square kilometers or 45,000 rais.

Hat Tai Muang Geography

Lampi Mountain -Thai Mueang Beach National Park is on the eastern Andaman coast of Thailand. It consists of first, the Thai Mueang beach and second, the Lampi mountain range. To the west, the Thai Mueang beach ends at the Kham Bay Peninsula (Na Yak or ‘Giant Face’ mountain), and to the east there is a brackish water canal which feeds from the Lampi mountain range, covered by a fertile tropical rainforest. The Lampi range is comprised of several mountains with heights ranging between 40-100 meters above sea level. The highest mountain is Kanim mountain, located on the northern part of the park with a height of 622 meters above sea level.


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