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Ban Na Ton Chan in Sukhothai

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Ban Na Ton Chan in Sukhothai

Ban Na Ton Chan in Sukhothai

Ban Na Ton Chan is a small lovely village residing in the charming Sri Satchanalai area. Staying in the village homestay, the visitor can indulge in learning about local culture not just by being with the villagers, but by seeing how locals live in a sustainable way.

One can visit the village furniture making site where local left over woods are used to create a piece of art for your home. Local textiles and traditional methods are still intact and one can witness the wisdom that has pass on for generations. A walk to see seasonal fruits orchard is a perfect way to finishoff the afternoon, testing and learning about exotic fruits is another Eden experience in Thailand.

Ban Na Ton Chan Homestay

Ban Na Ton Chan Homestay

Baan Na Ton Chan Homestay. Ban Na Ton Chan village is small village surrounded by many Chan trees and this is where the village name come from. The view of the village can be seen clearly from the nearby mountain and we have also taken a different view on our village life through the establishment of the Homestay Project. Baan Na Ton Chan Sukhothai is famous in many way and is the centre of the Homestay Tourism Industry. The Homestay Project has given many opportunities to the local people in career development through rural industrialization and also by increased income that is widely distributed amongst the villagers. The Project has enabled the construction of Na Ton Chan Moo 5, T. Baan Satchannalai District Building where visitors are always welcome. Visitors to the village can watch demonstration the process of the Fermented Mud Cloth and purchase handmade products at the shop located in the Leisure Centre. As part of the Homestay experience you will receive a wrist strap during a welcoming ceremony from the elders of the village and have the opportunity to dine with the landlord! The Fermented Mud Cloth process was developed through the integrated co-operation of the village women as a means to increase their income, by demonstrating the procedure through their knowledge of the ancient wisdom of weaving. Na Ton Chan Homestay might not be as luxurious as a 5 star hotel but most visitors enjoy the rustic facilities and the hospitality of the villagers. The village people welcome all tourists who come to visit and you are able to study the history and learn the culture and customs of the Na Ton Chan people. Anyone interested in the simple home life of the village, which is very friendly and situated in a natural rural environment, are offered and invitation to stay in Na Ton Chan.

Ban Na Ton Chan Accommodation

• Home stay

Ban Na Ton Chan Activities

• Elephant Care Centre, fruit picking

Best time in Ban Na Ton Chan

The cold season (November-January)

Getting to Ban Na Ton Chan

Buses leave from Bangkok to Had Siao market in Sri Satchanalai (Sukhothai) district, then take a motor taxi to Baan Na Ton Chan.

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