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Ban Koh Pitak

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Ban Koh Pitak

Ban Koh Pitak is a village where the culture of traditional island life is still intact. Life on the island is simple and revolves around fishing and coconut farming. With its small population of 38 families, Ko Pitak is a perfect place to observe how traditional island life organizes itself when living in a small community. How people live as a community where everyone is treated like a part of a big family will make one understand how wonderful and simple life can be when a society live in harmony.

Koh Pitak is a very remarkable island of Chumphon since it is pretty close to the land, and it has pristine natural surroundings. Nowadays, Koh Pitak is even more interesting due to the community on it and the homestay program that focuses on eco-tourism.

Ban Koh Pitak

Ban Koh Pitak

The western beach of Koh Pitak is the location of a fisherman community. Most houses here are built on wooden pole in the water

Koh Pitak community is a claimed to be an excellent nature preserver. It also won an award as the island free from drugs. Nowadays the community is the conservation center to protect coral reef and giant clam at the island and the nearby island named Koh Kram is around 1 kilometer away, full of abundant staghorn corals, brain corals, and giant clams. Tourists could very well visit Koh Kram to appreciate the beauty of the under marine world, but under one condition, do preserve it.

Ban Koh Pitak Accommodation

• Homestay

Ban Koh Pitak Activities

• Enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water or try your hand at fishing along with the locals.

Best time

November – May

Getting there

Koh Pitak is a small island on the Gulf of Thailand. With its close proximity to the land (1 km), it takes only 10 minutes on the long tail boat to get there. During April to May when the water is low, a walk from the land to the island is possible. Train serves Bangkok to Chumphon province daily.


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