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Fisherman Village at Welu Wetland

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Fisherman Village at Welu Wetland

The Welu Wetland is an intriguing mangrove forest spread over a large area covering parts of Chantaburi and Trat Provinces. The local fisherman village is the perfect base to explore the area and discover the natural balance of flowers, birds and insects. Observe thousands of red hawks, fire flies, and crabs in this unique forest region. The Welu Wetland is located near Khlung Pier. It offers the knowledge of an ecosystem reiterating the preservation of mangroves and natural resources as the habitat of various creatures. Visitors can explore inside the centre along the nature trail at their own pace either walking or riding a bicycle to enjoy the surroundings and studying maps provided along the way, reading the tag of each plant, and checking out the rare breed of plants; for examples, Lumnitzera littorea, Sonneratia ovata, and over 200 species of bird including sunbird, tailorbird, oriental white-eye, etc., which guarantee the rich greenness and fresh air that will keep this study.

Long-tail boats are the most practical form of transport in the wetland areas adjoining the Welu River in Chanthaburi. Most of the local people make a living from fishing or running shrimp or fish farms. The main settlement in this area, Ban Len Tak, can only be reached by boat; it’s been occupied for at least three generations, but its residents still do not have access to tap water, the national electricity grid or any public transport facilities.


Homestay and guest house


Eco-trekking, mangrove boat trips, Red Hawk watching, fishing, enjoy fireflies from November to June.

Hundreds of Brahminy kites can turn up when food is put out for them at Ban Len Tak in Chanthaburi. These birds of prey fly in a distinct holding pattern and seem to take turns to swoop down and pluck chunks of bread or pork fat from the surface of the water.

Best time

All year round

Getting there

Take Sukhumvit Road for 18km from Chanthaburi, Welu Wetland is between 374th-275th km marker.


Mangrove Conservation Bureau 2, 66 (0) 3942 4186, 66 (0) 8 9245 3509


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