Koh PhaNgan Full Moon Party

Koh PhaNgan Full Moon Party

If you are wild and love to party, this is surely the best place to be! There is a wide range of pubs and bars spreading over Pha Ngan Island. However, the absolute highlight of this island is surely the world famous Pha Ngan Full Moon Party, which happens once a month on full moon night on Hat Rin Beach.

This beach party tradition is very well known among party lovers from all parts of the world. Every year countless numbers of travelers choose this to be their main destination and a reason for coming to Thailand. This is where you can leave your usual life behind and revive your soul with good music and new friends. Be aware that accommodation tends to fill up fast.

Half Moon Party, Black Moon Party and Jungle Experience are also popular parties, going on in the heart of jungle and having their own specificity. Party dates do not coincide. The Jungle Experience is held on the day before Full Moon Party. Every full moon party is widely highlighted by photos. Before the party, many partygoers paint beautiful art onto themselves with glow in the dark paint to represent unique characteristics about themselves. Furthermore, the entire party is viewed by attendees as more than just a party, but rather a place to find oneself enjoying what Thailand has to offer in one of the most beautiful places in the world. During the party, hundreds of attendees begin to get sleepy/tired due to the intense dancing and EDM music/ that is played. Subsequently, throughout the night a partygoer will notice more and more people falling asleep on the beach because they are so exhausted from partying.


Full Moon Party Schedules 2015 – 2016

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Dining on the Rocks at Samui

Dining on the Rocks at Samui

Dining on the Rocks Restaurant, at the Lamai Beach of Samui Island, has quite a laidback atmosphere, and is often used as an escape from the usual party vibe in nearby areas. Enjoy all the delicious food courses as well as the excitement of the fire performances. The comfortable and mellow atmosphere here will sure give you and your loved ones a great time. Dining on the Rocks is located in such a spectacular setting. It really has to be seen to be believed.some of the best food on Koh Samui and uses the freshest herbs, vegetables, and organic greens from the resort’s own gardens.The award-winning Dining on the Rocks Restaurant is located at the tip of the headland and presents 270 degree views, whilst Dining on the Hill offers regional and international cuisine. A large selection of wines from many of the world’s most respected regions is featured in The Cellar.

Dining on the rock Samui

Dining on the rock Samui

Be prepared for a unique dining experience.The concept at Dining on the Rocks is to create new experiences combining top quality ingredients sourced locally and from abroad with classic and modern cooking techniques to preserve and exploit the purity of the original flavours to the maximum. The result of emphasizing dynamic textures, aromas, spices and temperature combinations is a more intimate and engaging experience than just simply eating.

Q Bar Samui

Q Bar brings upmarket nightlife to the island resort of Samui and is already a hit with the hip young clubbing crowd. It claims to be ‘the most trendy place in Chaweng’ and this is no idle boast. Nestled into the hillside, Q Bar is also home to one of the best views on the island. There is food and an extensive drinks menu but the Q Bar’s main appeal is to lovers of electronic music.

Getting there

You can ask the hotel to pick up or take a taxi to the restaurant.

Krabi Walking Street and Night Food Market

Krabi Walking Street and Night Food Market

Street food is a tasty and cheap alternative to eating in a restaurant. Thailand has some of the most diverse and delicious street food in the world and Krabi Walking Street is a great place to sample a large selection of it. Barbecued fish is hugely popular with local people and is available at a fraction of what it would cost in an upmarket restaurant. What better way to finish off your market meal than with one of the desserts which are ubiquitous in Thailand.

Krabi Province, Krabi Municipality, Office of Commercial Affairs Krabi and Krabi Chamber of Commerce organizes a fair where local products, local food, cultual entertainment, activities for chindren and other varieties come to offer. You’ll get to buy local souvenirs, taste local delicacies and even experience the mini local cultural performance, art and cloth painted, showing painting on vessel crystal, fold up pandanus leaf to be flower, open hat music from music school with rotate weekly show of Thai band.

Over 70 Thai food stalls such as mix rice with fresh Thai herbal and topping with “Boodoo”, boiled rice with 10 dishes such as small fishes, salad salt eggs, rosat peanut, fried radish with eggs. or other foods from various parts of Thailand such as Somtam serves with rice noodle, spicy young bamboo boiled salad, choice of desserts and seasonal fruits. There are lamps handmade from coconut shell, recycle bottle, Malay grazed sarong, Colourfu batik, chind toy, clothes, shoes, fashion l accessories and reasonable prices Thai massage which is highly recommended after exhausted.

How to get there

1. From Manutboraan intersection : on Maharat Road heading to Krabi Town passing left along Vouge Department Store, here comes “Walking Street”. On the first Soi (Maharat Soi 8) to the end of Soi, you’ll find several souvenir shops along the road with activities area, dining tables and onstage shows.

2. From Ao Nang : flag down a taxi or songthaew along main street in Ao Nang, it costs 50baht per person during day time and when going back to Ao Nang, catch the taxi/songthaew infront of 7-Eleven or the main entrance of the market, which costs 60baht at night. Watch out for the overpriced tuk-tuk service infront of Vogue Department Store.

There is also a tour option available where you can arrange for mini van pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel. You can easily arrange with tour operators available throughout Ao Nang or at your hotel.

Location: Krabi town at Maharat Soi 8 (behind the Vogue Department Store), Maharat Rd., Mueang, Krabi

Opening Hours: Fri – Sun from 05.00 pm. – 10.00 pm.

Krabi Maharat Market

Maharaj Market is in the heart of Krabi town in Thailand. The morning market starts up way early in the morning, about 3 am, and doesn’t wind down until around 10 am. A good time to visit is the 7 – 8 am range.

The newly renovated Maharaj Market in Krabi is nicely organized and despite its heavy traffic, the market is clean and easy to navigate. There are sections for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, dry food stuffs, and a huge breakfast pre-made food area.

Chilies are worshipped in southern Thai food. These little neon colored yellow, red and green chillies are slightly different and a bit more pungent from normal Thai chilies. Turmeric root, though not overly common in northern Thai food, is used heavily in southern dishes like Gaeng Som (sour hot soup). There are piles of turmeric all over the Maharaj Market. Coconuts, just like bananas and pineapples (and other tropical fruits), are in abundance throughout the market.

The seafood section in the market is filled with loads of fish varieties including dried and fresh. Like other fish markets, you have the choie of either buying your fish whole, or having a fishmonger scrape off the scales and de-gut it for you. Among the assortment of local speciality snacks and sweets, there are also a few classic Thai desserts like Fuktong Sangkaya. Favorite part of Maharaj Market is of course the section where freshly cooked food is served. Banana vendors seem to have an infinite number of bananas, all lined up and waiting to be purchased.

Getting there

The walking street in Krabi lies right in the center of Krabi town. It is therefore quite easy to reach by motorcycle taxis

Ao Nang Shopping Street and Restaurants for dining

Ao Nang Shopping Street and Restaurants for dining

Ao Nang Shopping Street 

Shopping in Ao Nang is a concertedly relaxing experience, with numerous stores for clothing, accessories, shoes, beach attire and leather goods. Shop around before you opt to buy, as you may find surprising fluctuations in price between various vendors. Have fun with bargaining until you get to a price you are comfortable with paying. With limestone cliffs looming large in the background, this is one of the most picturesque shopping expeditions you will ever experience.

Getting there

Ao Nang is sufficiently small that almost everywhere is accessible by foot.

Restaurants in Ao Nang

Ao Nang is the most important tourist center in Krabi. The atmosphere of this small town feels very relaxed. It also has the beauty of a beach resort and does not lack for any kind of modern comfort. Ao Nang has a great choice of shops and restaurants. There is a good and healthy range of tasty dining options, including Thai, Indian, Italian, British, American and Mexican food. Many of the restaurants are located on the actual seafront allowing you to eat with some unparalleled views of the beautiful Andaman Sea. One of the best things about dining out in Ao Nang is the fact that everything is just so near. You will never have to walk very far.

Getting there

Ao Nang is about 16 km. from Krabi town. You can take a minibus or motorcycle taxi.

Ban Pha Chan Homestay

Ban Pha Chan Homestay

Pha Chan is a beautiful attraction in Ubon Ratchathani. The name is Thai for ‘steep cliff’ and these are usually found under the Mekong River and made by the erosion of the river’s strong tide. In the dry season the tide goes low so you can see the high cliffs on both sides of the riverbank during your serene river cruise.




Mekong river cruise, cliff jumping, camping.

Best time

Dry Season to see the beauty of the natural tide-eroded cliffs, Rainy Season to witness the strength of Mae Khong’s flow.

Getting there

From Ubon Ratchathani City take Route 2050 and turn right into Route 2337. Turn right again into 2112 and Ban Pha Chan is several kilometres from Samphan Bok.

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